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Okay in a surprise move a Goops tune popped up on eBay the other day





I can't quite tell for sure what release that is, but it looks like #2. If that's the case then obviously disregard the other info I posted above for #2 and use this instead :lol:

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Yeah I would reckon so, and I can't find any mention of Chris NRG on any other site so just call it Chris Energy (I got the Chris NRG moniker from a record shop who may have just typed it in that way to save energy :lol:)
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I don't see Chris NRG listed as artist on any of these releases


Artist for all 3 releases should be Goops


However, GOOP003 does give production credits to Chris Energy & Leroy Skinner, so I would say these are the two members of Goops

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