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I think you're probably on about Tenna Senior (feat. Garnett Silk) - Flip Flop, only released on that LP AFAIK


I've been meaning to rip mp3s from that LP for a while, I'll do that soon so you can verify your ID



The Tenna Senior vocals go, "Oh me....Oh my....A dibby-dibby sound bound to die. Oh me.....oh my.....I'm gonna tell you why," then the Garnett Silk vocals go, "So dem flip and say alla dem flop" or something like that


There are a few other tunes with the Tenna Senior vox, including a Redlight tune I think

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Well that's tricky.


I'll check for sure when I get home, but I'm pretty sure it's the D'Cruze mix (I have the Subbase 12"), but I vaguely remember the Subbase 12" being mislabeled, so I could have it backward. I remember hearing the mix and thinking, "That sounds just like Marv," but it was labeled as the D'Cruze :o


I'll check em both out later on.

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