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15 oldskool tunes from various livesets


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How do I grab the files? I just click on the Free button and then it says


"You have requested the file unknown09.mp3 (46 KB). This file has been downloaded 9 times already."


No link to where it is though. :huh: :huh: :huh:

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Nice. Thanks a lot guys - sorry about using rapidshare. Are there any decent upload/download websites out there?


This is what I've got so far through you guys and backtotheoldskool.com:


01. Orca - My Brothers

02. Wax Doctor - New Direction ('93 Jack Smooth Remix)

03. Bay B Kane & Peshay - Quarter To Doom

04. Dr. S. Gachet & Funky Junky - Funky5 (unsure which side)

05. Dub II - Bad Man (Tuffness Mix)

06. Freestyle & DJ R - Madness

07. Neuromancer - Pennywise (Mickey Finn & Bay B Kane 2 Twisted Mix)

08. Neuromancer - Pennywise (The Neuromancer & Nookie Clown Mix)

09. Release - Spirit of Space EP

10. Ecology - Ecology EP (Vicious Pumpin' Plastic 004) (I think...it's definitely one of the Ecology EPs anyway)

11. Tango - The Tango Project - F Project

12. D-Force - Original Bad Boy

13. Psychotropic - Hypnosis (SL2 Remix)

14. Dubplate only (Simon Bassline Smith?)

15. Noise Factory - The Fire


Nice. Only two which are grey are #10 & #14.



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