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DJ Food - Mella


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Taken from DJ Food - Jazz Brakes Volume 2 (Ninja Tune, 1991) also featured on the Ninja Cuts - Funkjazztical Tricknology compilation (1994).


This is a combination of the 'gilded splinters' break, bits of Ike Turner's Funky Mule break, and at least another break I'm not too sure about.


Sampled by:


Acen - Trip to the Moon Pt 3 (Kaleidescopiklimax)

DJ Blatant - Blatant's Theme (Spare Beat Recs)


I found a sample of it on the link below but can do a better quality clip if you like:



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Also used in


DJ Jinx - Paradise Project (music madness)

Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era - Further Out (Suburban Base)


Thanks H M M!


no! thank you :smile:


i had been looking for that break for AGES! i was looking everywhere lol


thank you so much, not sure how i missed this thread the first time round!!!

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just thought but this is the break you can hear in The source (feat candi staton) - You've Got the Love (1991). it's beefed up abit somehow. also go a funkypenguin style Uh! at the end.


Yeah that remix of You've Got The Love sampled it from Trip To The Moon Part 3. Acen layered the Mella break with the second gen 'assembly line' break from Let The Rhythm Hit Em by Eric B & Rakim, see this topic.

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Update report!


found the original. not so much my efforts though as I wasn't looking for it, but you may have heard of some one who goes by the name of 'Declassified' his breakpack. He's now compiled a monster of a 2nd volume, and I've only downloaded part 1!!


Here's the break. I don't think it's from a proper song or anything but it will be from around the late 50s early 60s maybe!



Good luck finding any more info about "drum session" though haha! I found.................. nothing lol

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