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    Kool FM - 1994

    Audio for DJ Ash - 14th July 1994 Roni Size & DJ Die - The Calling [V] Renegade - Terrorist [Moving Shadow - SHADOW45] DJ Crystl - Let It Roll [Dee Jay] Brainkillers - Screwface [3rd Party & Kemet] Suburban Knights - State of Art [Intelligent Music Company] Heavyweight - Vol 3 (AA) [Heavyweight] The Concrete Junglist - Ribbon In The Sky [Lloydie Crucial] Heavyweight - Vol 2 (AA) [Heavyweight] DJ-D - Jungle Love (Mix 2) [Not On Label - AZ 1] Roni Size - It's A Jazz Thing (Electric Boogie Mix) [V] Red Light - Look Good [Red Light] Cool Hand Flex - Legal Rights [In Touch] Randall & Andy C - Feel It [Ram] Renegade - Terrorist (Grooverider Remix) [Moving Shadow - SHADOW45R] The Invisible Man - The Bell Tune [Good Looking] ?? (Pigbag & Original DJ Vibes ??) Wots My Code - Dubplate (The Terrorist Mixes Part 2) [Not On Label - RK 01] Lick Back Organisation - Manic Musik Suburban Base] Gin & Tonic - Right Bullet Right Time (Remix) [White House] Unknown Artist - Fistfull Of Jungle [Lionheart] DJ Buz - Watch Me Now [No U-Turn] Randall & Andy C - Sound Control [Ram] Tek 9 - Dem A Gwan Like Dem Know Badness [Reinforced] Jack Horner - After Midnight [Spectrum] DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith - Lovable (Part 2) [King Of The Jungle] Berty B & Dillinja - Lion Heart [Lion Heart] DJ Krome & Mr Time - Ruffneck Scouts [Tearin Vinyl] Dom & Roland - Wax Musical [Saigon] DJ Krome & Mr Time - The Licence [Tearin Vinyl] Cris B - Mind, Body & Soul (DJ Hype Remix) [Soapbar] Dillinja & Mystery - Moods [Logic Productions] Top Buzz - Livin' In A Dream [Basement] Peshay - World Of Music [Infrared]
  3. Kemistry & Storm >> Photek - Axiom [Science - Modus Operandi LP] A1) Capone - Paradise [Hardleaders] A2) Dillinja - Acid Trak [Pain] A3) A-Sides - Calibre [Eastside] A4) Monochrome & Subphonics - Capacity [Renegade Hardware] A5) A-Sides - On The Streets [Eastside] A6) ?? Bill Riley A7) 3 Way - Sub Zero [Dope Dragon] A8) Natural Mystic - Tension (Spirit Remix) [Moving Shadow] A9) Future Forces - Saga [Renegade Hardware] B1) 3 Way - Sub Zero [Dope Dragon] B2) Natural Mystic - Tension (Spirit Remix) [Moving Shadow] B3) Future Forces - Saga [Renegade Hardware] B4) Ambisonics - Nyquest [Flex] B5) Cybotron Feat. Dillinja - Light Years [Prototype] B6) Lemon D - Universal Soldier [Avex Trax - Metalheadz presents Full Metal Jacket Volume II: Bass Camp CD] B7) Optical - High Tek Dreams [Prototype] B8) Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (The Remix) [31] B9) Roni Size - It's Jazzy [V - V Classic LP]
  4. Metalheadz at The Zap, Brighton - 14th July 1997 Sets Kemistry & Storm
  5. Yesterday
  6. Very recently, it looks like http/https rolldabeats.com has stopped working, which means a lot of links within tracklisting threads no longer work when pointing to that URL, such https://www.rolldabeats.com/forum/index.php?/topic/59939-kool-fm-1994/ and https://www.rolldabeats.com/forum/index.php?/topic/56640-love-of-life-other-events-single-tapes. Those that link to http/https www.rolldabeats.com work fine, which are mostly newer tracklisting threads. Makes jumping to specific dates/DJs difficult on the big threads. @Rich
  7. Dance Conspiracy - Dub War Chapter 3 at around 4:40 http://youtu.be/5AQcL7BGK-8?t=281
  8. My first ever rave. Smashed it.
  9. Last week
  10. I have the Promo from this which is quite different, but the one on vinyl is same story as yourself. Noy sure if its the one you're getting at. https://www.beatport.com/release/ram-raiders-vol-4/3489988
  11. Sorry that its a link, isn't hosted anywhere and from mp3 of my own archive: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2ju82zh282erl7o/M-Beat+JM20.mp3/file Its the first track with "parental discretion is advised" then police sirens and the vocal sample "Got to be Free" Thank you!
  12. I knew this would happen one day... I did search but couldn't find the existing thread. I've updated this thread with any missing IDs, I suppose it's not the end of the world to have two threads with the same information on.
  13. Darren Jay B3) Perfect Combination – Breakdown (Remix) [Global Thang] Ned Ryder A6) Chromatix – Dirk Diggler [Ultra Violet]
  14. Digital A3) NJC – Generic [Ambiel Music – Classic DnB Cuts (1999-2009)]
  15. jj

    Force 106.4FM

    A1) Satin Storm - Satin Storm 1999 [Satin Storm] A5) Codine - Dream Sequence [Shut Up And Dance] A11) Rude Boy - Jungles't [Biology Productions] B1) Rude Boy - Jungles't [Biology Productions] B2) Megadrive - Pure Intention [Formation]
  16. DJ Rap just Id'd the tune she used to play with the Hellraiser sample in it, same as the one used in John B - Sight Beyond. Turns out it's Flapjack - Final Solution [Sophisticated Underground Sounds] Been a long time coming on this one
  17. Nice one, thanks for the upload. I've added your tracklist (with jj's ID's too) into the tape 5 post with a comment explaining that some versions of the pack have an alternative set on tape 5.
  18. I bought myself a copy of the Ram Raiders Vol. 04 promo to get that alternative remix on vinyl, but the version on the promo copy I received is the same as the version on the full release, so I'm listing this one as unreleased for now. I've put the question out there with a bit more info in the Tune ID forum here - https://www.rolldabeats.com/forum/index.php?/topic/76762-ram-trilogy-beastman-ed-rush-optical-alternative-remix/
  19. Does anyone have a vinyl copy of the alternative Ed Rush & Optical Remix of Beastman? I've read in a few different places that the version on the promo of Ram Raiders Vol. 04 is different to the version on the full release. So, I bought a copy of the white label promo but I found that it was the same version as the full release. I then bought another copy of the white label promo, just in case, but I found the same thing. The notes against the white label in discogs state that it has the alternative version of the remix but it's definitely not the case on my copies - https://www.discogs.com/release/1155199-Various-Ram-Raiders-Vol-04 I found this thread from 2009 where someone else had the same issue - https://www.rolldabeats.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51442-ram-raiders-vol04-promo/#comment-85192 Optical uploaded it to Soundcloud and said it was unreleased here - https://soundcloud.com/deejayoptical/ram-trilogy-beastman-ed-rush-optical-unreleased-mix-2004 So, I'm trying to find out if anyone really has a vinyl copy with the alternative remix on it, or whether it was just a rumour and there are no vinyl copies actually out there.
  20. Darren Jay B6) Digital – One Ton [Phantom Audio] Ned Ryder A1) Cause 4 Concern – Cerberus [Perspective] Crazy T B4) The Kraft – Stab 2 Def [Blade] B8 isn’t Pacman. It’s this: B8) Ram Trilogy – Reflection (Look Inside) [Ram – Titan EP] B11) Heretic feat Top Cat – Bunn The Sensi [Rude Bwoy Plastic]
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