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  1. The recording isn't great so can't tell tbh . Put down whatever you think is nearest. My mistake, it should be Who Told You EP , not In The Mode https://www.discogs.com/release/321474-Roni-Size-Reprazent-Who-Told-You
  2. Bryan Gee Tape 10 A3) Roni Size & Reprazent - Horns [Talkin Loud - Who Told You (Promo) EP]
  3. https://www.mediafire.com/file/2l707m9zhkx48yk/Zinc_One_Nation_The_Back_2_Back_Payback_.wav/file?fbclid=IwAR2b97f2iJ_mHKTeGm2Gw9m1i_jbEX1nQtjOpN61urODORn8r1jPkTtmYWA
  4. DJ Flirt Unknown DJ >> Dr Wootang - Original Wootang [Dread] Funky Flirt A2) DJ Ron - Crackman (Last Chapter) [London Some'ting] A5) H.M.P. - Runin's [Frontline] A6) Hot Steppers - Vol.1 (A) [Hot Steppers] A7) Babylon 5 - Yes Yes '95 (Mix 1) [Dread] A9) & B1) The Outsider - Black (Remix) [Formation] B2) London’s Most Wanted – Girls Dem Want It (Original Mix) [Philly Blunt] B3) Nookie - A Drum, A Bass & A Piano [Reinforced] B7) Studio II - Dirty Games [Not On Label - ST01] B8) D Livin - Why [D Livin] B9) Dr Wootang - Original Wootang [Dread] There is no B10)
  5. Grooverider A2) DJ Dextrous - Wanted Dead Or Alive [Subversive] There is no A3) Extra Track between A5) & A6) Dr Wootang - Original Wootang [Dread] A6) Hot Steppers - Vol.1 (A) [Hot Steppers] A8) MA2 – Hearing Is Believing (Remix) [Formation] B2) H.M.P. - Runin's [Frontline] B4) Roni Size - Fashion (Remix) [V] B9) Poison Chang - Love The Woman (VIP remix for Grooverider) [Unreleased] B12) Urban Shakedown - Some Justice 95 (VIP Mix for Grooverider) [Unreleased] There is no B13)
  6. The set is back to front, it starts at 19.45 Full pack here :
  7. Spoken rap section @ 2:35 Terry Tee - Honey Love [Knowledge & Wisdom]
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