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  1. This is what i had for the A side Shake Inc. Ambient Rub-A-Dubb The Future Locked In Madness Mr. Klaus The Dreammer (Dreammer Mix) Second Chance Hard Up PLB System No Time (Extended Vocal) Oliver Adams I'm On Fire Set Up System Fairy Dust (Blastomania Mix) Cubic 22 Night In Motion Set Up System Music And Noise Convert Nightbird The Minutemen OK, Alright (Club Mix)
  2. More of a mix id rather than a Tune ID. Part of this mix is definitely Ratty as its similar to other sets of his from around March / April 1993. Is this from 26th March Amnesia House event at The Edge? The sequence of 3 tunes from the second time Music In Search Of The Light plays is the same last 3 tunes listed on the Fabio set from that night (confusingly on a Dance Trance Series 93 Part 2 double pack tape). Unknown DJ Rhythm For Reasons Music In Search Of The Light Jim Polo & Neil Vass Rolling Energy Secret Squirrel & A.J. Flex Come Rudebwoy Lemon D Pursuit Thru The Darkness Tape jumps Ratty ?? Rhythm For Reasons Music In Search Of The Light The Brothers Grimm Jungle Trance DJ Seduction Sub Dub DJ Hype Weird Energy (Hells' Bells Mix) Tango & Dom My Mind Is Going (Remix) Noise Factory Breakage #5 DJ Mayhem Storm Trooper Secret Squirrel & A.J. Flex Come Rudebwoy Dopeski & Jakes Contankarous (Remix) Jack N Phil Punishment DMS Mindwreck (Fusion Remix) The Brothers Grimm Sign Of The Times Dopeski & Jakes Snowstorm (Remix) DJ Mayhem Cold Acid D-Force Ruff!!! Tango & Fallout Intrigue Tango Future Followers Smooth But Hazzardous Push Up The Levels
  3. Just seen 4 tapes not previously mentioned on eBay currently: Halloween Mix Tape - 1992 Seduction Cassette Halloween Mix 1992 Extremely Hard To Find | eBay Halloween Seduction - Seduction Mix - Volume 2 - 1992 (could this be a Dee Trippa Studio Mix?) Seduction Cassette Halloween Mix 1992 Extremely Hard To Find | eBay Joey Beltram - USA Rave Vol 1 Seduction Cassette Joey Beltram | eBay Biko - Live At Seduction Dance Weekender Seduction Cassette Biko | eBay
  4. A10) = Ray Keith - Regrets (Which Mix ??) B2) = Flex & Uncle - Odd Ball B4) = Bizzy B + Peshay - All Crew Hold Tight B8) = Noise Factory - Feel The Magic >> = M-Beat - Just A Little (Stink Mix)
  5. I presume you mean this track https://www.discogs.com/release/239592-The-JB-Back-2-Life-The-Dedication
  6. Mad! i know DJ Nik. He used to run the Sonix record shop in Cliftonville/Margate in the mid 90s; Bought some of my first records there.
  7. Heres the tracklisting for this part of Daz's set to the end Twin Bass Daze Of Reality Metalheads Sinister Holy Ghost Inc. Psycho Missus Mastersafe Tarzan Meets Jane DJ SS Breakbeat Pressure Mastersafe In Your Eyes DJ SS Respect To The Following Tango Showtime (Remix) Megadrive Pure Intention Tango Factor 5 (Remix) Rhythm For Reasons The Grand National (Tango Remix) Rhythm For Reasons The Grand National (DJ SS & EQ Remix) DJ SS The Stomp (Jungle Mix) DJ SS The Grandnational (Original) DJ SS The Grandnational (Remix)
  8. B13) Persons Unknown - Time To Get Raw (Kamikaze Pilots Of Doom Mix) B11) Cool Hand Flex - Wip Lash B8) Holy Ghost Inc. - Psycho Missus B6) Dub 2 - Sensi Tip
  9. Sorted a couple more on Tune ID B1) UP! - Night Flight B5) CJ Bolland - Thrust
  10. A1-A5 here is actually A2-A8 from this Dave Angel mixtape Dave Angel – Master Trance Mix: Vol 1 (1993, Cassette) - Discogs. They must have been playing it live on air.
  11. Arist - Mica Paris Title - I Should've Known Better Vocal at very beginning used throughout SMF Vol 3 (AA2)
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