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    Hey guys, Long story short but we've had to take that side of the site offline for a bit. If I'm honest I'm not entirely sure when it will all come back but appreciate that this isn't that helpful! All the discographies may well come back one day but I can't really give you a timeframe on it.
  2. Since I've been getting back into modern tunes I thought it might be a nice idea to do a regular series of mixes showcasing all the wicked tunes that I've found or lovely people have sent me. Probably going to branch out and do interviews with a few pals in future shows and that kinda thing. Let's see where it ends up. Hope you like the selection Jon Tetly - Illusion [Self Released] Renegade - Multiverse (Haste Remix) [Forthcoming Phonomena] Soeneido - Other World [Dub] Levitation - Inexplicable [PPJ] Nebula - Rehabilitation Through Art [Self Released] Charla Green - Drumbeat [Function] Haste - Move [Forthcoming Twilight] Dertie Bassett - A Wicked Man [Dub] Mutt - River Jordan [Forthcoming Shark With Laser On Head] Tursio - A World [Forthcoming Jungle Juice] Dwarde & Gand - Poprocks 2 [Globex Corp] DJ Airwalk - Dun Know [Dub] Response & Pliskin - Over The Hill [Bukva Sound] Soulox & Soeneido - It Been [Forthcoming Future Retro London] Haste & Law - Give Me [Forthcoming R Whites] Nation - High [Dub] Tom Oakley - 3 Storms [Deep Digginz] Equinox - Never Gonna Give Up [A-KO] Vex - Selekky [Rollout] Haste - Come On [Dub] Arkyn & Syntax - Loving That You’re Giving [Forthcoming Motive Hunter] Zeldin - Will You Be The One [Dub]
  3. Thanks to everyone who came down. So nice to see some old faces there as well as some new ones. You are all stars! Sadly I think my recordings of the sets might not have quite worked out but I still need to properly review. Awesome sets from everyone though, loved every minute of the music Will have to get thinking about the next one now
  4. Wicked. I'm local too. Lazy choice on the venue for this one Hope to see you there, come say hello if you make it along
  5. Awesome, would be wicked to properly meet! Hopefully plenty more chances this year if you can't get to this one. Got a load of ideas in the works. Niiiiice!
  6. Hey all, What with the site being back online I'm gonna pick back up on doing parties this year and getting the RDB name back out there! First up is gonna be Twilight Sessions, also trying in with the launch of my label. It's a night focused around upfront jungle and hardcore that I'll be getting some of the best DJs repping the new skool retro sound down to. DJs will be Dwarde Law Haste Craggz Theorie We'll be partying from 9:30 - 2:30 at Four Quarters, 187 Rye Lane, Peckham in London on Friday 5th April. The best bit? It's free all night long. Hopefully see some of the old RDB faces down there as well as a few new ones. Come say hi if you make it down! Later in the year I'm hoping to do something more old skool and vinyl focused, just like the old RDB parties from years back with more of these happening as well.
  7. I've set it up so you can delete your own posts now, weird that this wasn't possible before. Will look into the other stuff for you when I get a moment!
  8. haste


    I always thought that the source for The Dream Team - Yeah Man sounded like Porkpie from Desmond's. No idea what episode it is from as he obviously said it all the time. Anyone reckon this is on the money?
  9. I'll never tell. One of them is quite a famous tune.
  10. Thank so much for picking it up. You're a star Thanks! The Distant Planet guys have been supporting the tunes loads. What lovely peeps
  11. 23 years after my last vinyl release I just put out a few tracks - all retro-influenced jungle vibes with a modern twist. Vinyl / digital available on Bandcamp https://mrhaste.bandcamp.com/album/forever-too-late-only-you Here are the tunes... Thanks to anyone who's already supported, you are all superstars
  12. Glad we finally got there! I really can't take any credit for getting it back online, we were hugely helped by our tech lead Rich who did all the hard work and Phil eXtreme who helped with the forum (and made sure I answered emails) So cool that we have things back in place. Let's see about the rest of the site next!
  13. Future Forces - Flash Gordon [Renegade Hardware] "Are you motherfuckers ready?" "Yeah" "Like we always do about this time" From the Dogg Food album
  14. I thought it would be but couldn't find it! :rolleyes:
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