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  1. hi! i noticed that the collection page gives "The requested user could not be found" whenever i click any of the links on it: export excel, type, page, show. i tried it with two user accounts and two web browser but all of them gave the same error... so it seems that it's not just my normal .lm. user account which has problems. is anyone else getting this? http://i.imgur.com/RKXV5.png http://i.imgur.com/frZC9.png
  2. .lm.

    new search

    ah, ok thanks one more thing: what's the organization criteria for showing the search results? (what is displayed first and so on...)
  3. .lm.

    new search

    it used to search both tracks titles & release titles with -t switch. dunno how it should be working atm though... any info on this, mr. haste?
  4. .lm.

    new search

    hi! how the new search should be functioning? i'll give you an example: i want to search for 'promised land', a compilation which was released on higher limits: http://rolldabeats.com/label/higher_limits if i type -t promised land into search box it gives 145 results. none of them is the release i'm looking for... and most of them doesn't even include 'promised land' in the title. http://i.imgur.com/WkIe5.png http://i.imgur.com/iP48W.png any help on this? i'm used to do searches with the old interface....
  5. .lm.

    sql db fucked up

    i'm getting sql errors from search queries: http://www.rolldabeats.com/artist/subwave MySQL query error: INSERT INTO log (type,log_id) VALUES ('artist',4755) MySQL error: Table './rdb/log' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed MySQL error code: 144 Date: Saturday 18th 2012f August 2012 09:21:18 PM
  6. .lm.

    site bug

    hi i'm not a web designer so i don't have a good idea how this is working, but i searched 'aspect gremlinz kilo' from google and clicked an rdb link. it appears that i'm logged in as haste http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/4940/35009191.png http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/5258/39877521.png http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/1540/84897694.png
  7. Sorry, I've been out of the dnb loop for about a year now.. but here's one label for rdb to catch up with Didn't find Offworld Recordings from the db at all, so here are their releases up to this date: Lm1 - Blue Mountain EP Label: Offworld Recordings Catalogue: OFFWORLD001 Format: 4xDD Release Date: 23th November 2009 Comment: Digital Download Genre: None 01. Lm1 - Blue Mountain 02. Lm1 - Season Of Descent 03. Lm1 - Frontier 04. Lm1 - Renaissance Method One - In The Dark Hours / Bloodlines Label: Offworld Recordings Catalogue: OFFWORLD002 Format: 2xDD Release Date: 1st March 2010 Comment: Digital Download Genre: None 01. Method One - In The Dark Hours 02. Method One - Bloodlines Bass'Flo - Mount Everest EP Label: Offworld Recordings Catalogue: OFFWORLD003 Format: 4xDD Release Date: 15th April 2010 Comment: Digital Download Genre: None 01. Bass'Flo - Mount Everest 02. Bass'Flo - Dreamwalker 03. Bass'Flo - The Prophecy 04. Bass'Flo - Interstellar Travel SeaTheSky - Swarm / Just A Filler Label: Offworld Recordings Catalogue: OFFWORLD004 Format: 2xDD Release Date: 1st May 2010 Comment: Digital Download Genre: None 01. SeaTheSky - Swarm 02. SeaTheSky - Just A Filler Sequent Industry - Indigo Child / Moon Lake / Rain Comes (Remix) Label: Offworld Recordings Catalogue: OFFWORLD005 Format: 3xDD Release Date: 7th June 2010 Comment: Digital Download Genre: None 01. Sequent Industry - Indigo Child 02. Sequent Industry - Moon Lake 03. Protech - Rain Comes (Sequent Industry Remix) Lm1 (feat. Jett) - Tomorrow / Tomorrow (Remix) Label: Offworld Recordings Catalogue: OFFWORLD006 Format: 2xDD Release Date: 2nd August 2010 Comment: Digital Download Genre: None 01. Lm1 (feat. Jett) - Tomorrow 02. Lm1 (feat. Jett) - Tomorrow (Method One Remix) Varios Artists - Offworld Transmissions Vol. 1 Label: Offworld Recordings Catalogue: OFFWORLD007 Format: 13xDD Release Date: 20th September 2010 Comment: Digital Download Genre: None 01. Lm1 & Bass'Flo - Discovery 02. Advisory & Scenic - Moondust 03. MsDos & State Logic - Amaryllis 04. Kharm - Charade 05. M25 - 10000 Civilizations 06. Johnny Beverton - Whatever You Want 07. Stunna & Cybass - Stronger 08. SeaTheSky & Beatchemist - Learn To Fly 09. Lm1 & Decem - Epilogue 10. Sundancer - Into The Emptiness 11. B-Fuse - Dark Energy 12. Kyro - In The Next Life 13. Lm1 & Kubatko - Mass Effect Opuscape - Can You / In The Clouds Label: Offworld Recordings Catalogue: OFFWORLD008 Format: 2xDD Release Date: 13th December 2010 Comment: Digital Download Genre: None 01. Opuscape - Can You 02. Opuscape - In The Clouds Operon – Crazy Nights EP Label: Offworld Recordings Catalogue: OFFWORLD009 Format: 3xDD Release Date: 17th January 2011 Comment: Digital Download Genre: None 01. Operon & Lm1 - Crazy Nights 02. Operon - What's The Soul 03. Operon - Freq Funk Nelver - Neon Light EP Label: Offworld Recordings Catalogue: OFFWORLD010 Format: 4xDD Release Date: 22nd February 2011 Comment: Digital Download Genre: None 01. Nelver - Consciousness 02. Fracture Design - Emotions (Nelver Remix) 03. Nelver - Unknown Mission 04. Nelver - Neon Light Oscillist - Deep Sea Dreaming EP Label: Offworld Recordings Catalogue: OFFWORLD011 Format: 5xDD Release Date: 7th March 2011 Comment: Digital Download Genre: None 01. Oscillist - A New Shade Of Blue 02. Oscillist - Deep Sea Dreaming 03. Oscillist - What We Left Behind 04. Oscillist - Reveries 05. Oscillist - Within Reach
  8. Nusense - The Nusensed EP Label: Vampire Records Catalogue: VAMPDIGIEP001 Format: 4xDD Release Date: 8th November 2010 Comment: Digital Download Genre: None 01. Nusense - Threats & Promises 02. Nusense - Lazy Sundays 03. Nusense - Archery 04. Nusense - We Are One Generic - The Generical EP Label: Vampire Records Catalogue: VAMPDIGIEP002 Format: 4xDD Release Date: 13th December 2010 Comment: Digital Download Genre: None 01. Generic & SKS - Shades Of Black 02. Generic - So Long 03. Generic - The Underdog 04. Generic & The Kartel - Echoed Naraka - The Coherence EP Label: Vampire Records Catalogue: VAMPDIGIEP003 Format: 4xDD Release Date: 13th December 2010 Comment: Digital Download Genre: None 01. Naraka - Coherence 02. Naraka - Distress Signal 03. Naraka - Decontamination 04. Naraka - The Outsider Looking In http://www.rolldabeats.com/label/vampire_records
  9. .lm.

    free releases

    ASC & Method One - Deadlock // http://beatplexity.com/download.php?id=7710 Alix Perez - Self Control // http://www.shogunaudio.co.uk/SELF-CONTROL-MP3.mp3.zip Antibreak - Shattered Glass // June Miller - Free Tunes 2010 // http://www.sendspace.com/file/7lc2cs June Miller & Anile - Bells of Siberia June Miller - Time June Miller - Late Night Lies June Miller - Coming Closer June Miller - Shora Modular - Sooth My Soul // http://www.beatplexity.com/download.php?id=7704
  10. .lm.

    Bassdrive Tunes

    edit shit this is the same label as BassDriveTunes which is already listed: http://www.rolldabeats.com/label/bassdrivetunes sorry about this thread
  11. M25 - Morning Rain / Morning Rain (Remix) Label: BassDriveTunes Catalogue: BDT001 Format: 2xDD Release Date: 1st Mar 2010 Genre: None 01. M25 - Morning Rain 02. M25 - Morning Rain (The Square Remix) Paul SG - Road To Freedom / Organic Mode Label: BassDriveTunes Catalogue: BDT002 Format: 2xDD Release Date: 1st Mar 2010 Genre: None 01. Paul SG feat. Pouya - Road To Freedom 02. Paul SG - Organic Mode Fred V - Pass Me By / Resolved Label: BassDriveTunes Catalogue: BDT004 Format: 2xDD Release Date: 1st Mar 2010 Genre: None 01. Fred V - Pass Me By 02. Fred V - Resolved Ross D - Things You Need / Home Wrecker Label: BassDriveTunes Catalogue: BDT005 Format: 2xDD Release Date: 1st Mar 2010 Genre: None 01. Ross D - Things You Need 02. Ross D - Home Wrecker Mage & ATP - Go Down / Two Thousand And Two Nights Label: BassDriveTunes Catalogue: BDT006 Format: 2xDD Release Date: 1st Mar 2010 Genre: None 01. Mage & ATP - Go Down 02. Mage - Two Thousand And Two Nights Undersound - Boundaries / Old Superstition Label: BassDriveTunes Catalogue: BDT007 Format: 2xDD Release Date: 1st Mar 2010 Genre: None 01. Undersound - Boundaries 02. Undersound - Old Superstition Shrust & Smote - Love Universe / Love Spaces Label: BassDriveTunes Catalogue: BDT008 Format: 2xDD Release Date: 1st Mar 2010 Genre: None 01. Shrust - Love Universe 02. Smote - Love Spaces ATP - Shibuya Nights / Shibuya Nights (Remix) Label: BassDriveTunes Catalogue: BDT009 Format: 2xDD Release Date: 1st Mar 2010 Genre: None 01. ATP - Shibuya Nights 02. ATP - Shibuya Nights (Jungle Mix) Stunna & Kharm - Aquarius / Ordinary People Label: BassDriveTunes Catalogue: BDT011 Format: 2xDD Release Date: 31st May 2010 Genre: None 01. Stunna - Aquarius 02. Stunna & Kharm - Ordinary People Various Artists - Shine / Names And Numbers Label: BassDriveTunes Catalogue: BDT012 Format: 2xDD Release Date: 29th June 2010 Genre: None 01. Carl Matthes & Robot Redford - Shine 02. Phat Playaz - Names And Numbers http://www.rolldabeats.com/label/bassdrivetunes
  12. .lm.

    Bassdrive Tunes

    Bassdrive Tunes Owner(s) ??? Genre: None Links www.bassdrivetunes.com ---------- Welcome to BassdriveTunes Virtual Record Store! After many years of featuring the newest and the best Drum&Bass has to offer on Bassdrive Worldwide Drum&Bass Radio, we are continuing our mission to spread good Drum&Bass to as many people as we can by making some of the most fresh and upfront tunes available to the masses. We are very excited to announce we are launching the BassdriveTunes label with 10 releases of 20 tunes! What you see is what you get here. Tunes!!! We won't fill your head up with all kinds of written text all over the page. Just enough for you to get to know our artists who made the Tunes. We have gathered great tunes by some of the most talented musicians from worldwide for you to go through, take a listen to and purchase. A very significant portion of every sale goes directly to the artists so you will be giving them personal support every time you buy music from BassdriveTunes! We will always be on the look out for new tunes and plan to release them on consistently steady pace. We also have many more features in store for the BassdriveTunes Virtual Record Store as well. Be sure to visit often to see what's new! Enjoy the BassdriveTunes! ~The BassdriveTunes Crew
  13. .lm.


    Various Artists - Methany / Losing Brave Label: Fokuz Recordings Catalogue: FOKUZ040 Format: 12" Release Date: 2010 Genre: None A. Paul SG & Blue Motion (feat. Mutt) - Methany B. Paul SG & Blue Motion (feat. MsDos) - Losing Brave http://www.rolldabeats.com/label/fokuz_recordings
  14. .lm.

    free releases

    Nolige - Untitled Dreams EP // http://www.sendspace.com/file/jitt50 Nolige - Everythings Changed Nolige - Hunted [Remix] - Original came out on Architecture Recordings Nolige - Untitled Dreams fracture & neptune - the struggle // http://www.astrophonica.com/downloads/Fracture_And_Neptune_-_The_Struggle_-_Free_for_Summer_2010.zip ? - 4AM (Hobzee Remix) // Bailey - African Descent Remix // http://www.sendspace.com/file/a700o5 The XX - Infinity (Bachelors Of Science remix) // http://bachelorsofscience.bandcamp.com/track/the-xx-infinity-bachelors-of-science-remix Cyantific - Disconnected VIP // http://www.sendspace.com/file/tb7r3y Major Lazer – Hold The Line (Cyantific & Wilkinson bootleg) // http://www.sendspace.com/file/8cs5c2 Kid Adrift – Oxytocin (Cyantific & Wilkinson remix) // http://soundcloud.com/workit/kid-adrift-oxytocin-cyantific-wilkinson-rmx/download Daft Punk – One More Time (Cyantific bootleg) // http://www.sendspace.com/file/fhk7e4 D-Bridge - Late 08 // http://www.exitrecords.co.uk/tunes/Late%2008.mp3 D-Bridge - Lost Shadow // http://www.exitrecords.co.uk/tunes/Lost%20Shadow%201.mp3 D-Bridge - If You Want To Cry // http://www.exitrecords.co.uk/tunes/If%20You%20Want%20To%20Cry.mp3 D-Bridge - Hold On (Dwele Bootleg) // http://www.exitrecords.co.uk/tunes/07%20Hold%20On%20(Dwele).mp3 Miusha - Out Of Mind (Implex And Spherique Remix) // http://www.mediafire.com/?knrtldyyrqm bcee - real people vip // http://soundcloud.com/knowledge/bcee-real-people-vip/download Submorphics- As the World Turns // http://www.sendspace.com/file/5ywj1z Kubatko, Magnafide & Talon - Leave Me // http://soundcloud.com/magnafide/kubatko-magnafide-talon-leave-me-free-download/download The Panacea & Audio - Red Tape // Plan B – Prayin (Breakage remix) // http://www.mixcloud.com/downloads/prayin-breakage-rmx.mp3 Cooh - Milks // Sunchase - Timeless // http://soundcloud.com/sunchase/sunchase-timeless-unreleased-2005/download Sinistarr - Dill // http://soundcloud.com/knowledge/sinistarr-dill/download D-Star - 40k // couple of free subwave tunes http://subwave.all.dj/groups/103321.html
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