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  1. Ok, here's Mike Pears's statement on Facebook: "Guy's, decoy is indeed twisted anger, it's just that the album would have had too many twisted anger releases in Ray's opinion. Danny did DJ as DJ decoy back in the day, people wouldn't turn up to the events he put on of his name was on the flyer, so the decoy was set!" https://www.facebook.com/groups/195082833944478/permalink/820502794735809/
  2. DJ Monk played them couple of weeks ago in a Radio Show: http://storage.szupercella.hu/vektoroptika/monk_unknown1.mp3 http://storage.szupercella.hu/vektoroptika/monk_unknown2.mp3 Thx in advance!
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZKzENpFw8s Is it by Equinox himself?
  4. Here's the clip: http://thunder.metnet.hu/download/csirmaz/unknown_amen.mp3
  5. kuli

    Jakes (HENCH)

    This release: http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/d_style...ordings/dsr018/ is also by Jermaine Jacobs. So, could you fix them?
  6. Cannot download the links.
  7. kuli

    Jakes (HENCH)

    Under the name Alexander Jakes i found three Jakes (from the Hench crew and MC, too) tunes: 3k Out, 3k Lane and Modem. These tune are needed to remove from there and place to Mc Jakes. Anyway, these HENCH (dubstep tunes) are credited to Jakes (without the 'MC') so there should be created a Jakes pseudonym for these tunes.
  8. What a bad tune! Reminds me of Wax Doctor.
  9. Full low-bitrate (64k) audio if anybody's interested: A1 Dillinja - You Dont Know came out on Logic, too A2 Dillinja - Twisted Mood came out on MoWax under name of 'In The Mood', too A3 Ground - Travelling B1 D.Note - Manhattan Melody B2 System X - Rollin Deep (Lemon D remix) B3 Lemon D - Bus This (Feeling) C1 Dillinja - Deepa C2 Sy Ense - The Elements C3 Echoes Of Darkness - Thankful D1 Origination - Heavy Vibes came out on a Desert Storm compilation, too D2 Origination - My Mind D3 Origination - The Statement
  10. 6 is Psykis - Pretend on this: http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/dee_jay_recordings/djx025 9 is sounding like DJ Crystl
  11. Label: Virgin Records (Japan) Catalog#: VJCP-18004 Format: CD Released: 26 Sep 1997 1 Call & Response (7:14) 2 Riotous (9:16) 3 Computer State (7:37) 4 Black Domina (7:33) 5 Enemy Lines (8:02) 6 Two Masks (7:05) 7 Capital D (7:41)
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