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  1. The youtube clip on Discogs is the flip/ other tune...100% your soundcloud clip is the other tune on that release....and damn do I love that record!
  2. Having issues with the database here so here it is from ogs : http://www.discogs.com/Kosmos-Tighten-Up-Liquid-Beats/release/24782
  3. Sorry I wish I did. Oh the last one is Technical Itch - Stack Part2 and Extension off of this: http://rolldabeats.com/release/12137/tech_itch_records/ti026
  4. The first one is this: http://rolldabeats.com/release/9684/prototype_recordings/pro011 Not sure of the others.
  5. Glad to help! Have a great weekend and happy hunting!
  6. 44:40 A mix of Aphrodite & Mickey Finn - Bass of The Tramp ? On dub called Mother Fucker I believe.
  7. 16:17 is Air Movement - Cuttin' Saw - 5HQ Recs. 36:46 is The Smokester - Bass Come Down - Smokers Inc. Recs.
  8. Unfortunately I never got a chance to ask Punisher before he passed away. All copies I have seen including my own are white labels with the Soran ep stamp on them. I would like to know if he was responsible for the other 2 tracks. Nevertheless it's a great tune and all around great release!
  9. Can't hear the samples on here anymore, but I think you are after this : "Death By Sax" http://rolldabeats.com/release/1010/bang_in_tunes/bit011
  10. Great tunes however the second tune was released on Headless Recordings. It's off the Soran Ep : http://rolldabeats.com/release/15597/headless/head003 I'd love to hear his other tunes!
  11. vetoe13

    5 Unknowns

    Thank you so much arne! I truly appreciate that!
  12. vetoe13

    5 Unknowns

    Sir you are my hero! Thank you very much!
  13. vetoe13

    5 Unknowns

    Hey everybody. Here's 5 tunes I haven't been able to identify for some time now. Any help would of course be greatly appreciated. temp1 1.mp3 temp1 2.mp3 temp1 3.mp3 temp1 4.mp3 temp1 5.mp3
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