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Dance Conspiracy - Dub War (Pascal & Sponge remixes) (February 1993)

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Still confused about this - how many versions were there exactly?


I noticed you updated the thread with the two soundcloud links,




but I'm sure I saw someone mentioning the one with "The R" being mixed in is of DJ Hype, so which is the one Tango used to play? And what one is the Jonny / Dub Wars version, still don't think I've heard it


also, there's this... count 'em, four different versions



Probably 3 versions as the tune we've all called Johnny/DubWar is likely to be the Johnny In A Dub War track on that DAT.


The mix Tango played in sets is labelled Mix 2 on soundcloud and was also played by Hype, Dr S Gachet, Grooverider, Ray Keith, Nicky Blackmarket, Brockie etc. It's a longer clip on soundcloud from another set instead of the one from Tango at Dance Planet 'Pure Energy'. Mix 1 is the version played by LTJ Bukem in February/March 1993. It's played by Grooverider and Ray Keith in February/March 1993, so they were probably made around the same time. I've updated the opening post.

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