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Plan B - No Good (Chase & Status remix)


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That?s no good to me I don?t need nobody don?t need no-one that?s no good to me.


Ill stab you in the eye yo

with a fucking biro

the same fucking biro

you just used to sign your giro

you fucking wino

don?t fucking cross my line yo

I?ll hit you so hard your ass will hit the floor in Cairo

I know how to take your life and make you die yo

so watch your fucking step and where you place your fucking eyes bro

I?m representing rap like its supposed to be

spit bars so harsh you can't cope with me


I?m real sick of hearing these pricks talk shit

just coz they roll with a click think they wont get their throats slit

I make blood drip, every lyric I spit

leaving mc?s deader than the skin on my

ohh shit. that?s why I laugh when they start talking out their ass bout how this faze will pass

quote plan b will never last

I?m representing rap like its supposed to be

spit bars so harsh you cant cope with me

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