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Gold Bonded


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Gold Bonded is a Vienna based Record Label and came to life after five years of working with different artists, producers and DJs. The time was used to create a large collection of tracks and material that is now ready for publication. Main artists and creative souls are Break Pitt, dBeats, Tenchu and Zool.

Masterminds of the Label are Leonhard Weidinger and Katharina Wüstenhagen.


Gold Bonded was originally founded to release music with a main focus on drum ’n’ bass. The label isn`t entirely comitted to this style though and by now serves as a platform for various musical genres.


Watch out for our catchy summer D&B single!!!



Something new / Different without you

Tenchu & Zool feat. Velandinho


These two tunes were created in the early days of the Gold Bonded studio. Back then Tenchu & Zool worked on a lot of mixdowns and mastering for external projects.

Oystein Veland was the lead singer of a band project that hired the Gold Bonded studio for post production. Voilà, the connection was set up and after some studio sessions the idea for these two tracks was born.


"Something new" is a catchy summer tune with fresh vocals, a crispy wobble top and a catchy rodes piano.

"Different without you" is build on minimal vocals with a massive base line and a screaming wobble top.


After many club plays, mixdowns and mastering sessions these babys are finally big enough for release.


Digital Release Date 11/06/2010

available @ Soulseduction / iTunes / Beatport / Junodownload / Dj Tunes / Amazon and many more online Stores...



Listen @ SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/gold-bonded

Info @ Profile: http://www.goldbonded.com

Join @ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/goldbonded

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