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LTJ Bukem - Horizons (Vocal Mix) [SRCS300, 1997]


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I know Horizons was already posted, but the discussion considered only the part of the poem which was used in the original version.

This is a version released on Sony in Japan in 1997 (discogs link: http://www.discogs.com/LTJ-Bukem-Horizons-EP/release/677885)

YT link (I didn't post the tune)


I couldn't find any lyrics, so I've tried to type them on my own, and that's what I hear:


because our beats are to be raw but still harmonic.

boombastic sounds in stereophonic.

wondering sounds are just like sonic.

come - take a lick of the hardcore tonic.

turning the pressure to others unknown.

it burning you up like fire of brimstone.

soothes you. cools you. nice like a soda.

we knock you over with our musical boulder.

our beats are gonna roll. let's you be that chasing.

hits like a shotgun. blast from the bassbin. kaboom!

it's in. it's on. it's strong.

it's we getting better.

and its turning you on. and it's got you shaking, got you jumping.

can't you see? now is that a new something?!

logical, mystical, musical, low down.

embrace and taste the new sound around...


and you know our style, our whole structure

makes you ask "why?" and "what the hell?"

how? why? we dwell.

my tones fixed you inside my minds mixture.

you get the picture? visions, scenes, scenarios - on we go!


we're about to shake the show!

the deeper we go, the higher we grow!


and you know - that music's on the flow like H2O!

we become a new vitality to humanity.

got you drifting you in the times of technology.

music is systematically showing you where you've got to be.

want to be uplifted!

get inside the ride...

and the new steps of change will show you just where it lies.

and it's about time you were realising...

that the soul is rising!

super-shining planet right on the horizon!



Not sure about a lot of things, but I tried to keep them in context.


Peace and bless!

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