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ANDY C 2003 drum and bass awards tune ID 1min 30sec


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sorry i can be anymore help :(

i know how frustrating it is... it does sound a lot like Nitrous but most of the stuff around that time sounded like that anyways which is why i

stopped following it lol..


Also try any remixes of "son of nitrous" and post on the "tuneid" forum too

i think more people use that forum then his one :wacko:

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Tracklist to the whole set. Hope it helps.


01) Dillinja - Dune

>>> Danny C - I Commence

02) MIST - Outer Space (Rewind)

>>> Ram Trilogy - Titan

03) Gridlok & Silver - Pacemaker

>>> Moving Fusion - Turbulence

04) Pendulum - Another Planet (Rewind)

>>> Dillinja - It Ain't Too Loud

>>> Roni Size - Trust Me

05) Hive & Keaton - Under Pressure

06) Jo - R-Type (Friction & Frenzic Remix)

07) Nightbreed - Pack Of Wolves

08) Total Science - Nosher (Baron Remix) (Rewind)

>>> Shimon - Hush Hush

09) Ram Trilogy - Screamer

10) Friction & Nu Balance - Robocop

11) Distorted Minds feat. Foxy - Ouch (Rewind)

>>> Roni Size - Snapshot (remix?)

12) Concord Dawn feat. Tiki - Don't Tell Me

13) Zinc - Ska (Remix) (Rewind)

Music stops and top ten of worst mc's is beeing announced.

14) Fresh - Floodlight (Andy C VIP)

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I agree, it certainly does sound like Drumsound & Bassline Smith, possibly an unreleased tune of theirs. 
They also played this tune in their set at Accelerated Culture 16: https://www.mixesdb.com/w/2003-12-06_-_Simon_'Bassline'_Smith_@_Accelerated_Culture_-_Drum’nBass_Awards_2K3_:::_The_People’s_Choice,_Sanctuary_Music_Arena,_Milton_Keynes and I've heard it in a few other sets from 2003.
The thing that's always confused me about this is that the vocal sample appears to say "DJ Zinc". 
Why would Drumsound & Bassline Smith reference DJ Zinc in their tune? 🤔
I'd love to find out more about this tune... 

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