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Dougal set from 1994 - does anyone know the event?


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Does anyone know what event this tape is from?




It's a Dougal tape from 1994. A lot of the tunes are the same as his set at World Dance on 30th July 1994 so it's probably from around that time. There's no MC or anything on the recording to give any clues. Here's the tracklist (with a few unknowns):


A1) Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime – Knight Raver (Original Mix) [unreleased]

A2) Brisk & Intense – Get Live (Stu J Rmx) [Man From Uncle]

A3) Fat Controller – In Complete Darkness [uphoria]

A4) Man From Uncle – It’s Just Begun [Man From Uncle]

A5) DJ Ganja Brain - Sounds Of Summer [No. 1 Dance]

A6) Dimension 5 - Energizer [Prophet]

A7) DJ Force & The Evolution – Raining Smiles [Kniteforce]

A8) Seduction – My Own (Slipmatt Rmx) [impact]

A9) Dougal & Mickey Skeedale – Really Love You [Die Hard]


B1) Dougal & Mickey Skeedale – Really Love You [Die Hard]

B2) Seduction – So In Love (Happy Stomp Mix) [impact]

B3) Trance & Maze – Down On The Streets [Homegrown]

B4) Naughty Naughty – Volume 8 (A) [Naughty Naughty]

B5) DJ’s Unknown – Volume 4 (A) [Homegrown]

B6) Future Primitive – We’re Flying (Vibes & Wishdokta Rmx) [Kniteforce]

B7) DJ’s Unknown – Volume 4 (AA) [Homegrown]

B8) Higher Level – Everybody Can Be [Zodiac]

B9) Mystic & Fire – Volume 2 (A) [Homegrown]

B10) Mystic & Fire – Volume 1 (A) [Homegrown]

B11) Slipmatt – SMD 3 (A) [sMD]


Thanks jj for the A5 and A6 ID's on Soundcloud

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Could be from reincarnation and elevation event , I've got the pack and u can't hear mcs , and I had a bootleg slipmatt tape which I bought back in 94 from buzz base in brighton, 20 years later when I got the original pack the slipmatt set was exactly the same as the bootleg
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