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Citate Forms

citate forms

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Hello! In this topic, the label will be divided into new releases, podcasts and news.

Citate Forms is an independent drum & bass label established in 2015. We are open for propagation of music all over the world.

Our releases are available on: beatport, juno, addic.tech, itunes, google play, spotify and more..




[CF001] Douq - The Followed By Jazz Rhythm

[CF002] Kelayx - Elegant

[CF003] Sublimit - Two Souls

[CF004] Spyre - Red Planet

[CF005] Alexvnder - Passion

[CF006] Nultiply - Episteme

[CF007] HumaNature - Binary

[CF008] Utile - Distance

[CF009] Halo Dog - In Need

[CF010] Noulan - Wave Rhythm

[CF011] Duoscience - Wicked Back

[CF012] Drum Force 1 - Warm Night

[CF013] Critical Event - Drop It

[CF014] Midas - Butterfly

[CF015] Jetfunk - Wave

[CF016] Soul Connection - Nubian Funk

[CF017] Joint Stock Galaxy - The True Meaning

[CF018] Mystific - Just Real

[CF019] D Flect - Black Rose & Cassis

[CF020] HDG/Kelayx - Timelessness

[CF021] Utile - Control

[CF022] Green Vibes - Foundation Music

[CF023] Brain & Novaglitch - Reason

[CF024] Criteria - Es

[CF025] Theoretical - In The Depths

[CF026] Sublimit - Problems

[CF027] Nultiply - Blue Sun

[CF028] J-Kon - Mind Of Violet

[CF029] Underspawn - Underruns

[CF030] Kamuku - Gravity (feat. Ferrns)

[CF031] Osmas - Vague Thoughts

[CF032] Tyler Frost - My Way

[CF033] Other Spectrum - Tam Kangana

[CF034] Ezor - Luvxtazy

[CF035] Alex SLK & Underspawn - Controller/The Duel

[CF036] Psychic Pressure - Skydive

[CF037] Brain - Way You Go

[CF038] Osmas - Slum

[CF039] EsteticGalaxy - Solitude

[CF040] Stimpy - Simple World

[CF041] Resslek - Pilz

[CF042] Kelayx - Script

[CF043] EsteticGalaxy - Only You

[CF044] Zerx - Alligator

[CF045] Stimpy - Rough!

[CF046] Osmas - Heatman

[CF047] Senpai - Starfall

[CF048] Alyness - Awakening

[CF049] Theoretical - Aught

[CF050] EastColors - Module

[CF051] Senpai - Break Da Drum

[CF052] Reknek - Trouble

[CF053] Grim Hellhound - Surveilance

[CF054] Dunk - Squad Mad

[CF055] Thematic - In Business

[CF056] Brain - Step Back

[CF057] Alyness - Endure It


Free Tracks:

[CFF001] Thematic - Motion

[CFF002] Valds - Pressure

[CFF003] Noulan & Kelayx - Stale Air

[CFF004] Blacklight - Roar

[CFF005] Grystmp - Squiddy

[CFF006] Ezor & Osmas - Break Of Tomorrow

[CFF007] Devico - Omut



[CFS001] Citate Forms Select

[CFS002] Citate Forms Select 2

[CF5Y] Citate Forms 5 Years



Citate Forms Podcast #1 – Mixed By Kelayx

Citate Forms Podcast #2 – Mixed By Sublimit

Citate Forms Podcast #3 – Mixed By Spyre

Citate Forms Podcast #4 – Mixed By Utile

Citate Forms Podcast #5 – Mixed By Nultiply

Citate Forms Podcast #6 – Mixed By Duoscience

Citate Forms Podcast #7 – Mixed By The Platform Project

Citate Forms Podcast #8 – Mixed By Thematic

Citate Forms Podcast #9 – Mixed By Ezor

Citate Forms Podcast #10 – Mixed By Brain

Citate Forms Podcast #11 – Mixed By Stimpy

Citate Forms Podcast #12 – Mixed By Theoretical

Citate Forms : Modul8 Selection by EastColors #1

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