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27 techno tapes looking for a good home


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Bunch of techno tapes are looking for a good home. Techno's not my thing but these tapes have all come into my possession as I've collected joblots and friend's collections over the last few years. To be honest, I'm not after much for them, so long as it covers the postage and a bit extra. For me, I'd just rather they go to a good home. Message me with offers or questions.




Details below.


Tape packs (with inlays):


Helter Skelter 'Human Nature' - 06.06.1998 (Technodrome 8-Pack)


5 tapes (3 missing):



The Producer


Mark EG

Music Maker / Mis'chief


Helter Skelter 'The Best Of Both Worlds' - 08.07.1995 (Technodrome 8-Pack)


7 tapes (1 missing):


Mark EG

DJ Madness (USA)

The Destroyer / Jack Master Jay

The Producer

The Music Maker

The Warlock

Mach 1


Helter Skelter '5 Years In The Making' - 16.09.1994 (Technodrome 8-Pack)


7 tapes (1 missing):


The Music Maker

Dave Angel

Intense / Mark EG


The Producer


Mach 1


Miscellaneous tapes (with no cases or inlays):


DJ Producer @ Helter Skelter 'The Odyssey' - 26.10.1996

Loftgroover @ Helter Skelter 'The Odyssey' - 26.10.1996

Loftgroover @ Helter Skelter 'Discovery' - 01.06.1996

The Music Maker @ Helter Skelter 'Discovery' - 01.06.1996

HMS / Ostro @ Helter Skelter 'Timeless' - 31.10.1998

The Music Maker @ Helter Skelter @ Club Kinetic (not sure whether it's from the January 96 or September 96 event)

Producer / Scorpio @ Hysteria (not sure which event)

Clarkee @ Fusion (not sure which event)


Tapes are in varying condition. All play ok but some have signs of wear and cracks etc.


The tape packs and inlays are in pretty poor condition (packs held together with tape and inlays frayed and torn round the edges)

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