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fabio and grooverider rare shows trade not for money


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well i have been sitting on the sidelines for along time and you know what i have noticed ? there are a lot of folk needing

lots of take me back to a certain era type sets mixes but what about real hard to find shows like the topic title above. now anyone i most case can find mixes sets and theres nothing wrong with that and i dont think that this is the right place to post this but i feel on a personal one day certain fab groove shows will become so rare that like myself feel lost knowing that the time period im talking about will be gone forever so this is how strong a brother feel about this no money needed just a simple question if anyone cares about rare shows because thats were information is pull from to get tune id and everything else im willing to trade mp3 rare shows that one may not have and class it as rare and proud to have even if its mixes sets shows. im not being sarcastic no not at all but it would be good to know if as a collector of certain radio shows to know im not the only guy out there scanning for these shows so here goes if anyone like in my past posts have this one just one show from grooverider live on radio one 7-12-2002-dab ms i would be happy. is this important ? hell yes and i would go to any length to help anyone out in the same boat because when i search i search and get results but this show is hard work tried the bbc rang em up no archive . i got shows to whoever is intrested in trade cheers...

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