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I have started a youtube page called IDThisTune


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Ed Rush & Trace - One In The Jungle


This was played on a few of the One In The Jungle shows in January and February 1997 and it's not part of the Ed Rush & Trace mix. It was a tune played from DAT called Search Engine - Monolith and was supposed to be a forthcoming release on Reinforced Records

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Blame got back to me regarding clips from his set. Also he said he is going to try and release them next year.


Thanks for responding! So I gather they are all by yourself, even the 3rd clip?


Yes all by me :)


I used to make them and play them out, so I would have special one off dubplates. Then atter i tested them I’d go back to the studio and add some little changes, or add vocal samples and sounds and then test again the following weekend.


So some old sets may have different versions of these tracks!

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Added lots more. If anyone recognises some of them it would be much appreciated :)



| Dillinja ?

https://www.youtube....h?v=r8Z8jpWsqFw | A Sides - Step Back

| Mampi Swift?

| DJ Rap - Everyday Girl (ID Remix)

https://www.youtube....h?v=3JzwSHvFRLY | DJ Hype - Jump Up Up Up [Global Thang]

| ? Ray Keith - Do it (Lemon D Remix - Dubplate Version) ?

| ? 'New Form Of Life'

| Optical - Unknown Title

| Trace & Ryme Tyme - Unknown Title

| Dillinja - Unknown Title

| Kamanchi - Unknown Title

| Future Forces Inc - Unknown Title

| Calyx - Unknown Title

| ?? Cool Hand Flex - Monkey ??

| ?? Rising Sun - Transform ??

| Flex - So For Real (Dubplate Mix? Remix?)

| J Majik - Unknown Title

| Bad Company - Unknown Title

| Grooverider & Optical - Unknown Title (The Porn Tune)
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