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Kool FM 8th Birthday Party - December 1999


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Does anyone know when Kool FM held their 8th birthday rave (it would have been some time in December 1999, but I need a date)?


I know they had their birthday party in the studio which was live on air on 5th December 1999, but I believe they also held a rave somewhere. Anyone got a flyer or anything?


Thanks in advance.

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Nice one thanks. I was trying to put a date on this tape.



Skibadee and Det refer to it as being the birthday weekend. I originally assumed they meant the weekend when they had the party in the studio, but this meant it couldn't be their usual Sunday show because Sunday night was the party with loads of DJ's / MC's. I'm now thinking it's might more likely to be from Sunday 28th November (the day after the party at Pure Science), so I'll relabel the tape later.

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