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Kenny Ken - Studio Mixes / Demo Tapes / Practice Mixes


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Kenny Ken - Darkness & Lightness - August 1993




A1) 4 Hero - Reality [Reinforced]

A2) Mayhem - Fierce [basement]

A3) 4 Hero - Students Of The Future [Reinforced]

A4) 4 Hero - Golden Age [Reinforced]

A5) EQ - So Damn Tuff [Formation]

A6) Nasty Habits - Here Comes The Drumz (Remix) [Reinforced]

A7) DJ Crystl - Deep Space [Dee Jay]

A8) Tom And Jerry - Nine Lives (Mind Out Tube Mice) [Tom & Jerry]

A9) The Reece Project - Spirit Come Down [Liquid Wax]

A10) Tango & Fallout - Further Intrigue... (Mix 1) [Not On Label - TF 002]

A11) Acen - Window In The Sky (DMS Remix) [Production House]

A12) Mystical - Natural World [stooge Productions]

A13) Unknown Artist - The Total Vision E.P. (A) [Not On Label - UV 002]

A14) Mystical - Silly [stooge Productions]

A15) Anthony Nathan - Life Goes On [Pure White]

>> A16) On Remand - Controllin' [Crack House Productions]


B1) The Uplifting Association - Lost 157 [Advocates]

B2) Nebula II - Eye Memory (Spacewalked DJ Schedule) [Reinforced]

B3) Vicious Crew - No Politics Vol. 2 (A1) [stomp]

B4) Hyper-On Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play Remix) [Moving Shadow - SHADOW30R]

B5) Double H Productions - How Dark It Is (Remix) [Hard Disk]

B6) Torchman - Tell Me [Face]

B7) Mo2Vation - Animate (X-Plain Mix) [Pure Noise]

B8) Torchman - Alight In The Dark [Face]

B9) Bizzy B - The Summer Tip (Bizzy B. Roll Off) [One Nation]

B10) Slam - Looking Into The Light [Not On Label - RC 001]

B11) Bizzy B - Infactuation [One Nation]

B12) The Matchstick Man - Groovin [Not On Label - MAT 1]

B13) Bay B Kane - To Be Alone [White House]

>> Bizzy B - The Reel Message Is Power [One Nation]

B14) Dragon Fly - Equal [White House]

B15) Younghead - Bad Bad Man (4 Hero Remix) [Reinforced]

B16) E.K.U.D.C.M. - Ultra Jungle (All Nite) [Hard Disk]

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Kenny Ken - Kenny's Mix - March 1993



A1) Desire D.J's - Exstatic [2000 AD]

A2) Kenetic - Girl If Ever [boogie Beat]

A3) Bay-B-Kane - Def Meanin' Life [Kikman]

A4) DJ Ileagle - Crazy [Dee Jay]

A5) Out Of Orda - Step On Ya Head [Headhunters]

A6) Order 2 Move - Move All Night [boogie Beat]

A7) Out Of Orda - Damnation [Headhunters]

A8) Subject 13 - Carear Come 1st [underground Level Recordings]

A9) Out Of Orda - Zone 8 [Headhunters]

A10) Aphrodite - Dub Motion [Aphrodite]

A11) Kid Andy, Nickle Bee & MC Charl.E - I Am Crazy [boogie Beat]

A12) Aphrodite - Raw Motion [Aphrodite]

A13) Jim Polo & Neil Vass - Rolling Energy [Dark House]

A14) Nick O-D - Good Inside [Reinforced]

A15) Jim Polo & Neil Vass - Underground Feeling [Dark Horse]

A16) Ed Rush - I Wanna Stay In The Jungle [Not On Label - ER007]


B1) Ed Rush - I Wanna Stay In The Jungle [Not On Label - ER007]

B2) DJ Spice - Brand New (Stressed Out Mix) [soapbar]

B3) The Good, 2 Bad & Hugly - 1st Chapter In Dub [Ruff Kut!]

B4) Ruff Rider - You And Me [Kickin]

B5) The Good, 2 Bad & Hugly - Got To Release [Ruff Kut!]

B6) Carl De Junglist - Good Loving [biology Productions]

B7) M-Beat - 24 7 [Renk]

B8) DJ Kane feat. Daddy I.P - Neutron Possession [Trouble On Vinyl]

B9) Conquering Lion - Inahsound [X Project]

B10) Soundlab - Ruff Neck Bizz Nizz [Lucky Spin]

B11) Noise Factory - Ladies Choice [3rd Party]

B12) Soundlab - Badman Style [Lucky Spin]

B13) Noise Factory - Breakage #5 [3rd Party]

B14) Soundlab - Simply Dread [Lucky Spin]

B15) Secret Squirrel & A.J. Flex - E Drop [bogwoppa]

B16) Uncle 22 - Untitled (AA2) 'Awfully Dark' [Pure Energy - PE 001]

B17) Secret Squirrel & A.J. Flex - Come Rudebwoy [bogwoppa]

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Kenny Ken - Wonderful Kenny Ken - August 1992



A1) Remodon - Wonderful [Kickin]

A2) Doc Scott - N.H.S (Disco Remix) [Absolute 2]

A3) Manix - Hardcore Junglism (Exclusive Remix) [Reinforced]

A4) Connection - Bass Light [spare Beat]

A5) D.J.E.Z.E & D.J. Action G - Rushin To The Rhythum [Not On Label - USM 001]

A6) Liquid - Liquid Is Liquid (Remix) [XL]

A7) Boyzland & Wagga T - Don't Wipe Your Feet [Out Of Orbit]

A8) Omer & Crooks - Let There Be Love [strategy]

A9) Funky Junky - Rudeboy (Jungle Mix) [Funky Junky]

A10) Smpte - Horice Wanted Hardcore [blockhouse]

A11) Sly T & Ollie J - Underground Confusion (Mix 2) [Chase - SYSEX-15]

A12) Alien - Forseeing The Future (Regga Mix) [Alien & Monster]

A13) Unknown Artist - Prophecy (Mix 1) [Not On Label - BER 002]

A14) E.Q.P. - Prophecy [Rough Tone]

A15) Menace Makes 3 - Pure Hysteria (Give Me A Mother Mix) [Danse City]

A16) Dub II - Untitled (AA1) [Cant Stop Wont Stop]

A17) Dave Charlesworth - Energizer 3 (B) [Energizer]

A18) J. Higgs / J. Emery / I. Clifton - Sellout [Critical Rhythm]


B1) Neuromancer - Pennywise [symphony Sound]

B2) Doctor G - Rockin Till Dawn! [G-Spot]

B3) Foul Play - Ragatere [Oblivion]

B4) S.L.M. - Now I'm Finished (The Bells) [Tone Def]

B5) Formula 7 - It's Not Just Ragga [Quayside]

B6) Noise Engineer - Energy [Neuro Productions]

B7) Acen - The Life And Crimes Of A Ruffneck [Production House]

B8) Future Samples - Rastafar-1 [Jai]

B9) Hyperactive - Cool Down [Awesome]

B10) Unknown Artist - About Time [Not On Label - MA 01]

B11) DJ Jama - Tempa (Sonic Mix) [Great Asset]

B12) Noise Overload - Right Here, Right Now, Part II [Global Dance]

B13) Citdael Of Kaos - E-Z Man [The Living Dream]

B14) Prizna X - Underground Roots (Mix 1) [Not On Label - P-X 001]

B15) Sy-Kick - Nasty (Terrorize Mix) [Hamster]

B16) John Dowe - Hardcore [Hardcore Vinyl]

B17) Dee Patten - Techno Abuse E.P. (B2) [Not On Label - DPEP 02]

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Kenny Ken - U Know The Score U Know It's Hardcore - Late 1991



A1) Kicks Like A Mule - The Bouncer [Tribal Bass]

A2) Xray Xperiments - Take No Chance [Xray]

A3) Gangsters Of Techno - Mind Control (Reactive Mix) [City Limits]

A4) Strategy & DJ Freshtrax - The Dreamaster (Piano Concerto In C) [strategy]

>> Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out [suburban Base]

A5) E-Type - Are You An E Type? [boogie Times]

>> Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out [suburban Base]

A6) The Gateway Experience - Living Body Map (LBM) [stealth]

>> Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out [suburban Base]

A7) Blame & Justice - Death Row [Chill]

A8) The Gateway Experience - Twin Freaks [stealth]

A9) Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out [suburban Base]

A10) Tronikhouse - Up Tempo [KMS]

A11) Masters At Work - Justa 'Lil' Dope [Cutting] (@45)

A12) ??

A13) Invisible Men - Skin Up & Dance [Orbital]

A14) The Spider - Help (Eon's Black Widow Version) [Vinyl Solution]

A15) Mark N-R-G - Burning Phibes (Street Power) [Overdrive]

A16) Kelly-G Perfect Rhythm - Soul Fusion [Perception]

A17) Concorde Movement - 7 Trips And Then....(The Spiritual Flight) [btech]

A18) II Exodus - Silence Too Exodus [iI Exodus]


B1) Inner City - Let It Reign (Reese Hardcore Mix) [10]

B2) The Housepope - The Fatal Sisters [stealth]

B3) 3 Down - Deep Trip (The Spirit Trip) [The One After D]

B4) Vital Organs - Destruction !! [Not On Label - VIT 001]

B5) Vital Organs - Free Again !! [Not On Label - VIT 001]

B6) Unknown Artist - The Maxed Out E.P. (A2) [Not On Label - IG-001]

B7) BTB - Bad Bass Line [Not On Label - Switch 5]

B8) Lennie De Ice - We Are i.e. [i.e]

B9) Soundsource - Take Me Up (Ragga Dup Mix) [FFRR]

B10) Toxic - Original Style (X-clusive Remix) [D-Zone]

B11) Njoi - Phoenix [RCA]

B12) Njoi - Mindflux [RCA]

B13) The Clepto-Maniacs - Eros (Fun City Stereo-Type Mix) [Fokus U.K.]

B14) Ubik - Ram Raid [Zoom]

B15) MK 13 - Take 2 And Dance [sonic Sound]

B16) Raging Rockers - Kounter Act [Ruby Red]

B17) ??

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Kenny Ken - Rolling With The Ken 95 - May 1995

A1) Urban Shakedown - Some Justice 95 (VIP Mix for Kenny Ken) [Unreleased]
A2) Darkman - Dis Sound Ruff [Rinse Out]
A3) Randall & Andy C - Sound Control (Remix) [Ram]
A4) DJ Krust - Set Speed [V]
A5) Darkman - Crazy Life [Rinse Out]
A6) DJ Krust - Poison [V]
A7) The Spice - Dimension [Tech Itch]
A8) Blackstar - Million [Congo Natty - Tribute To Haile Selassie I King Of Kings LP]
A9) Harlequin - Time Travellers [Ruff Element]
A10) Cleanhead - Jack Of Spades [Ruffian]
A11) Krome & Time - Ganja Man (Exclusive Dubplate Special) [Labello/PWL - Jungle Massive 003 [Promo]
A12) Cleanhead - The Reward [Ruffian]
A13) Princess - Say I'm Your No. 1 (Exclusive Dubplate Special) [Labello/PWL - Jungle Massive 003 [Promo]

B1) D.R.S. Featuring Kenny Ken - Everyman (DJ Monk Remix) [Rugged Vinyl]
B2) DJ Vern & DJ Ash - Magnificent [Tearin Vinyl]
B3) Mafia - Say It Loud Remix [World Bass]
B4) B-Jam - Gunshot Me Head [No Smoking]
B5) Mafia - 1995 Flavour [World Bass]
B6) Harlequin - Time Travellers [Ruff Element]
B7) P-Funk - P-Funk Era (dis1iz4yasoul) [Frontline]
B8) Mental Power - Red (AA) [Formation Colours Series]
B9) King Just - Warriors Drum (Moving Shadow Remix) [XL]
B10) Hot Steppers - Volume 1 (AA) [Hot Steppers]
B11) Easymen - Easymen (Remix 2) [Easymen - EAZY-001]
B12) Hot Steppers - Volume 1 (A) [Hot Steppers]

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Kenny Ken - Studio Mix - January 1992


A1) Rebel MC introducing Little T - Rich Ah Getting Richer (B-Line Ruff Neck Mix) [Tribal Bass]
A2) Zoogie - Forever On [Ffrreedom]
A3) Raging Rockers - Simapella [Ruby Red]
A4) Krush - My My [De Underground]
A5) Lenny Dee & Nico - Beyond The Fall Of Night [Radikal]
A6) Flex - Dreaming [De Underground]
A7) Outlander - TZ 4 (A1) [TZ]
A8) Speedy J - Something For Your Mind [Plus 8]
A9) Tronikhouse - Up Tempo (The Grooverider Mix) [KMS]
A10) DJ’s U-Nite – Untitled (Vol.1 Side A) [Liquid Wax]
A11) Derrange - Don't Stop (Orig Squad Mix) [Soniq]
A12) Audio Assault - Manic [Rising High]
A13) Dune - Too Much [Advance]
A14) Audio Assault - Party Time [Rising High]
A15) Andronicus - Make You Whole (Suburban Base Mix) [Hooj Choons]
A16) Sycometrix - Suicide [Bad Boy]
A17) Outlander - TZ 3 (A1) [TZ]
A18) Sycometrix - Armzhouse [Bad Boy]
A19) Leo Anibaldi - Noise Generation [ACV]
A20) MI5 - Money Go Round [Strategy]

B1) MI5 - Money Go Round [Strategy]
B2) Missing Channel - Onslaught (Decision 1) [Hardwax]
B3) Byron Lewis - Original Fire [II Exodus]
B4) 6 Bells All - Overdrive [Rhythm]
B5) Archaos - Boomer [Hardcore Noise]
B6) Noise Factory - Urban Music [Ibiza]
B7) DJ Blatant & The Master Programmer - Blatants Theme [Spare Beat]
B8) Terrorize - Clap Your Hands [Hardcore Noise]
B9) Noise Factory - Feel The Music [Ibiza]
B10) 2 Bad Mice - Bomb Scare [Moving Shadow]
B11) T.N.G. - Basskick (Original Mix) [Labrynth]
B12) Sonic Solution - Get On The Move [R & S]
B13) Todd Terry - If You Wanna Ride [Freeze]
B14) ??
B15) Def Touch - Nasty Rhythm (Pumpin' Underground) [Strictly Rhythm]
B16) Mystique - Fire (Spaced Mix) [Cue]
B17) Human Beings - F.U.B.A.R [See Saw]
B18) Progression - The Message [MCR]

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Kenny Ken - Passing Thru Part Three - March 1992

A1) A-Sides - Mix To The Max (AA1) [Reel 2 Reel Productions]
A2) K.W.S. - Game Boy [Network]
A3) Dub Collective - Take Me Away [Rising High]
A4) Powerhouse Inc - Pressing On (Rude Boy Mix) [Entity]
A5) II Exodus - Bring Down The Father (Counter Action 2) [II Exodus]
A6) SL2 - On A Ragga Tip [XL]
A7) Asides J - Groove Parameter [U No Dat]
A8) Uncle 22 - Dub Wise II Vol II (A1) [Reel 2 Reel]
A9) Two Tone Project - Let It Go [U No Dat]
A10) Crossfade - NRG [FX]
A11) Glide - All Right (All Night Mix) [Absolute 2]
A12) Alter-Ego - After Dark (You Make Me Wanna) [Labello Blanco]
A13) Force - I Got This (Mix 2) [Blockhouse]
A14) 2 As One - Take Me (Dance Mix) [Labello Blanco]
A15) J'N'J - The Ballet (UK Mix) [Beat Box]
A16) Urban Shakedown - Bass Shake [Urban Shakedown]

B1) Urban Shakedown - Bass Shake [Urban Shakedown]
B2) B-Line - Do It Again (East Mix) [Network]
B3) The Freshblood Organisation - 0272 (I Want Everything) (Club Mix) [Freshblood]
B4) Brersoul - Truly Fantastic [ESP]
B5) Adamski - Get Your Body ! (Massive Main Mix) [MCA]
B6) Sub-Love - Hyper Active [Earth]
B7) Masquerade - Rushin (Mix 1) [Not On Label - HD001]
B8) Kev Bird - En Bass (Crash Mix) [Basement]
B9) Mental & Dangerous - Feel The Vibes [Renk]
B10) The Mush - Cacophony [Dubplate Productions]
B11) Reckless - Take Me (Ruff Mix) [Pulse-8]
B12) Double T & Mister E - Pull A Fast One [Break The Limits]
B13) Pierre Point - Rot Weiss [Bass Sphere]
B14) MC Uproar - Bad Boy [Not On Label - 24-7]
B15) Killersound - Just The Music [WSL]
B16) The Tripper - Untitled (B) [VMR]
B17) Rhythm On The Loose - Rhythmology [The One After D]
B18) Dub Collective - House [Rising High]
B19) Brersoul - Surrender [ESP]

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Kenny Ken - Bouncy Hard Bassline Mix - 12th May 1991

A1) Rebel MC featuring Tenor Fly & Barington Levy - Tribal Base [Desire]
A2) Fast Eddie - Yo Yo Get Funky (Woo Yea!) [D.J. International]
A3) Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix) [Vinyl Solution]
A4) Tricky Disco - Flyspray [Warp]
A5) Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives (The Climax) [Vinyl Solution]
A6) Modular Expansion - Cubes [Music Man]
A7) The Project featuring Jasmin - Understanding [Unyque Artists]
A8) TAS - Must Be The Music (Rock And Vibe Mix) [Profile]
A9) Holy Noise - Get Down Everybody [ARS/Hithouse Productions]
A10) Automation - Pacemaker [Triple Helix]
A11) Rebel MC featuring Tenor Fly - The Wickedest Sound (Swemix Instrumental Remix) [Desire]
A12) Xray Xperiments - Into The Future [Xray]
A13) Energy Storm - Synergy [ESP]
A14) Sonic Solution - Music [R & S]
A15) Channel X - Double Defused [Beat Box]
A16) Leftfield - Not Forgotten [Outer Rhythm]

B1) Channel X - Silicon On Sapphire [Beat Box]
B2) Photon - Doin' Our Thang (Alien) [SSR]
B3) Olympia - Art 3 [Dance Opera]
B4) Sub System - Subhouse [Atom]
B5) Olympia - Art 4 [Dance Opera]
B6) Frequency - Where Is Your Evidence (Club) [Lower East Side]
B7) LaTour - People Are Still Having Sex (Crunch-O Mix) [Polydor]
B8) Olympia - Art 1 [Dance Opera]
B9) Rhythim Is Rhythim - It Is What It Is (Majestic Mix) [Transmat]
B10) Olympia - Art 2 [Dance Opera]
B11) T99 - Anasthasia (Tonka Sound System Remix) [Tonkoid]
B12) External Group - Gravity (Ext Side) [Dance Records Attack]
B13) Automation - R U Manic [Triple Helix]
B14) Ibiza Crew - Let Me Love You [Ibiza]
B15) Streets Ahead - Attempted (Mix 1) [Not On Label - PP 001]
B16) Ibiza Crew - Meeting Point (Mix 1) [Ibiza]
B17) Moby - Go (Woodtick Mix) [Outer Rhythm]
B18) Holy Noise - Knights [Hithouse]


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Kenny Ken v Food Junky - Soundclash - May 1994

A1) Another Dimension - Twilight Zone (The The, Remix) [Kikman]
A2) DJ Ham - Green Eggs and.... [Kniteforce]
A3) Scott-Free - Street Fighting (Martial Arts Mix) [Basement]
A4) Roger Johnson - The Drum 'N' The Bass [Basement]
A5) Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play remix) [Moving Shadow - SHADOW36R]
A6) Ravers Choice - Ravers Choice 1 (AA) [Ravers Choice]
A7) Dillinja - Sovereign Melody [Deadly Vinyl]
A8) The House Crew - Super Hero (My Knight) [Production House]
A9) Renegade - Terrorist [Moving Shadow - SHADOW45]
A10) The Occupant - Introducing To You [Unatural Light]
A11) Doc Scott - V.I.P. Drumz [Metalheadz]
A12) Tek 9 - Partz 1 & 2 (Manix Remix) [Reinforced]
A13) Conquering Lion - Dub Plate Special (Ruff Cut) [X Project]
A14) Ruthless Productions - Need For Weed [Redskin]

B1) The Rood Project - Thunder (Original Mix) [White House]
B2) Roni Size & DJ Die - Music Box [Full Cycle]
B3) Sacred - Kall Da Kops (AA1) [Pursuit]
B4) Bizzy B + Cool Hand Flex - Rollin (Flex's Twissup Mix) [Brain]
B5) Wild Rythems - The Good The Bad And The Ugly [Hardcore Vinyl]
B6) DJ Rap - Total Tangent [Proper Talent]
B7) Future Primitive - Swift Half (DJ Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) [Kniteforce]
B8) The Noise Of Art - Rollin' Deep.. (Smokey Joe Remix 2) [Suburban Base]
B9) DJ Krome & Mr Time - London Talk [Tearin Vinyl]
B10) Low Key Movements - Ear Drums (Good Times) [Reinforced]
B11) DJ Hype - Computerised Cops [Ganja]
B12) Love Dove Jay - Pure [The Dove Selection]
B13) Tom And Jerry - Maxi(Mun) Style [Tom & Jerry]
B14) Deep Blue - Fantasy #2 (JMJ & Richie Remix) [Moving Shadow]
B15) Smokey D - Untitled [MSD - MSD 001]

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