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Grooverider Live at X, Le Bateau, Liverpool May 2001


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Tracklist is similar to Grooverider's October Accelerated Culture 4 set. No exact date on the CD?

  1. Ant Miles - Sea Of Chaos [React]
  2. ARX - Feel Da Heat [Architecture]
  3. Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Revolution [Renegade]
  4. Dillinja - Just Warming Up [Valve]
  5. DJ Hazard - Subconscious [structure]
  6. Concept 2 - Re-Creation [Liftin' Spirit]
  7. Twisted Individual - Fallopian Tube [Formation]
  8. Dune - Robot Rock [Dune]
  9. Sappo - Temptation [Formation]
  10. Calyx - Mindfold [Metalheadz]
  11. Surge - Working Out [Full Cycle]
  12. Capone - There Will Be A Time [Test]
  13. Moving Fusion - Atlantis (Bad Company Remix) [RAM]
  14. Twisted Individual - Colostomy Bag [Formation]
  15. Hatiras - Spaced Invader (J Majik Remix) [infrared]
  16. Bad Company - Starfish [unreleased]

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