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Need help with ID's, Dj Buz and MC ID - Koolf FM Winter 93'

Applied Science

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DJ Buz & MC ID - 3rd September 1994


DJ Buz


Studio II - Studio 2 [Redskin]

F.O.I. - One More Stripe [3rd Party]

Lenny D Ice An ET - Smackman [Do Or Die]

Dean Alexander - You A The Wife [QDance]

Kut D - A We Run Things [QDance]

Smokey Joe & Brother T - Sensi Crisis [Crimetime]




Lewie - Jungle Love Part 2 [3rd Party]

Studio II - Bad Boy Buckeroo [Redskin]

New Blood - Worries In The Dance [London Some'ting]

Dopestyle - Bad Bwoy D.J. [Ganja]

Studio II - Get Burn [Redskin]




Lennie D Ice - Hustler [Do Or Die]

Roni Size & DJ Die - Music Box (Remix) [Full Cycle]

Smokey Joe - A Special Request (Noise Of Art Remix) [Labello Blanco]

Brother T & Dylan Dogg - Booyaka Tenament [Crimetime]

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