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Double dipped 9 - 4 - 1994


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@ Bagleys




A1)Smd#1 A Side

A2)JJ & Devious D- Time if our Lives Remix - Awesome

A3)Slipmatt - Breaking Free Awesome

A4) Rev - P - Rhythm Process- Impact

A5)Dj Seduction - Everybody - Impact

A6) Mayhem - Innesse - Ray Keith Remix- Face

A7) Champion Sound Alliance Remix

A8)Slipmatt Hear Me Awesome

A9)Vibes & Wishdokta - Above the Clouds - Jal

A10)Ravers Choice #1

A11)Tango Fallout - Positive Chaos


B1)Mystic & Fire - Tru Love Remix

B2)Dj Seduction - So in Love - Impact


B4)Red Alert Mike Slammer - You Are the One - Slammin Vinyl

B5)Slipmatt My Own Remix - Impact

B6)Kev Bird -Sub Zero - Basement

B7)Smith n Brown ' Do It Now - Homegrown

B8)Slipmatt - Break Da Bell - Beats 24/7

B9)Aurora- Firin on all Cylinders- Homegrown

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