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Hopefully this might be up a few people's street


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A project I've started working on on Discogs. It's a bit geeky and not for everyone but there's some folk that will find it interesting enough.


Years ago I used to put a lot of time into doing track listings, but would never get credited - my exact listings (word for word) would spring up on sites everywhere. No real harm done I suppose, but it felt like it was getting done for nothing when folk would just copy and paste everywhere with no communication or acknowledgement - not that I needed that.


All the info about this is on the descriptions on the links, but essentially what it is, is a build towards a complete tune directory of all the old Hardcore DJ's - every record they've ever played being listed is the end goal.


It might be near impossible, but will give it a good go. It will make good referencing and reading points for geeks like myself.


Whilst my knowledge isn't on a par with the likes of Traffic Cone, It's not that bad. Enough to get by.


If anyone can contribute any way possible then please do. I'm starting with the DJ's from the Scottish scene to start with - then will work towards doing more.


Marc Smith, Davie Forbes and Mikey B have been done for starters (when I say done, I mean I've maxed out on what I've got them - so if I've missed anything let me know, if you want).








Does anyone know and can tell me how to upload a spreadsheet to the lists section of the Discogs website like you would do an inventory for selling? It would save me a shit-load of time If I could type the titles out on a spreadsheet then export it.

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