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1998 DnB ID


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Have 1 more ID to complete this mix listing (June 1998), please have a listen :






01 Shogun - Together (John B Remix) - Renegade Hardware - Quantum Mechanics LP

02 B-Jam - Raid - Smokers Inc.

03 The Advocate - Logic Bomb - Criminal Communications

04 Ed Rush & Optical - Place To Be - Metro

05 M.T.S. - Revolution (A-Sides Remix) - Juice

06 Decoder - Dhr - Breakbeat Culture

07 Dom & Roland - Isolate - Saigon - Incoming LP

08 Jon The Dentist - France (DJ Trace V. Ed Rush Mix) - TeC

09 M.T.S. - Hard Disk (Decoder Remix) - Juice

10 Jon The Dentist / Buya - Sarcophagus - TeC

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Nay probs, had that tune come with my first set of decks.

Wicked site btw, I'm all over that hardscore.com!

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