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Crediting guest MC's on tracklists


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Firstly, big thanks to all contributors on this site, I'm very impressed and frequently return to verify details and fill in gaps.


I often use the tracklists forum but noticed that MCs don't get credited, regardless of whether their names were on cassette inlays, for example, whereas unlisted DJs are, if the listed DJ was replaced or turned up late etc.


Can I make a suggestion that whenever possible, MCs are added to details?


These details help people identify which events sets could have been recorded at when trying to determine dates from badly tagged MP3s or unlabelled cassettes like Quest, especially if those were particularly rare combinations of people.


If that sort of metadata doesn't interest anybody else, do you mind if I add the information or will I be disrespecting the rules? I appreciate that you have very strict formats, as do I...


Cheers, keep up the good work.

You guys blow my mind with your hardcore trainspotting. I thought I'd probably put in an unhealthy amount of time getting my collection looking spic and span but you guys have eyes and ears like hawks compared to me!

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Personally, I'd be happy to add MC info to some tracklist threads if that's something people are interested in. Most of my tracklists are from my own tapes and I label the files up with MC info anyway, so adding it to a thread wouldn't be any extra effort really.


Picking up on the reason for the question - I agree that MC info can help pin down specific event details, particularly when tapes are bootlegs or labelled generically. It can also mislead you though, as MC's (more often than DJ's) appeared at events without being on the flyer, or vice versa.


We'd need to figure out some kind of format, so things don't get too messy. Also, adding that info retrospectively to existing threads would be such a big task it's unmanageable, so how do we decide where to start?


I'm only one of many contributors to the tracklist section, so I'd be interested in other opinions too.

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