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Hardcore rave 1994 - 1996


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Hello everyone!


My name is Ferenc Dobos 35 years old and love hardcore, rave and techno music. I had a Cassette Tape record full of good old hardcore, rave and techno music. I had managed to figure out most of the tracklist wich would not be in time by order just the authors and song names as they come in my mind so here it is I have missing some track names of this album if you can identify what album would it be and from what year and of course the missing tracks.

Side A Tracklist:​

1. Jaydee - Plastic dreams

2. Alien Factory - Destiny

3. ???

4. SCOOTER - Back in the UK

5. No hagas el indio haz el cherokee (original, or New monkey tune not sure)

6. Fanatic Cracks - Don't you wanna stop?

7. ???

8. Fanatic Cracks - Better World


Side B Tracklist:

1. Fanatic Cracks: Better World

2. Ultrasonic - Check your head

3. ???

4. Ultrasonic - Make that move

5. No hagas el indio haz el cherokee (batucada version)

6. No hagas el indio haz el cherokee (love version)

7. Paradoxx - The Guillotine

8. Waxwezle - Don't hold back


Side A: https://soundcloud.c...er-kazi-a-oldal

Side B: https://soundcloud.c...er-kazi-b-oldal



Now some info about the two missing tracks one track sounded like a guy shouted Drum! Drum! Drum! constantly and a distorted horn like sound sounded then the track gradually sped up. This track was mixed on the end and between of Fanatic Cracks: Don't you wanna stop? Fanatic Cracks: Better world



If somebody can help me identify the album, and of course the missing tracks I'll be very grateful!


Thank you for your help in advance!

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