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Some 1999 Drum & Bass unknowns


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Can anyone help fill in the gaps in this tracklist please? There's some decent tracks that I don't recognise.


Audio here -


Cyndicut 97.8FM


DJ Quick (with MC Mirage & MC Sugarz) / DJ Quick & DJ Nicol & Texas Pete (with MC Mirage & MC Sugarz)




DJ Quick


A1) Visionary – Dark Part 1 [Vinyl Syndicate]

A2) Def Con One – Time Is The Fire [Mac II]

A3) Majistrate – Retry (Rmx) [Splash]

A4) Mampi Swift – The 1 [Charge]

A5) ? (22:26)

A6) Majistrate – Interface [Splash]

A7) Krust – Warhead (Ram Trilogy Rmx) [V – Planet V LP Sampler]

A8) ? (40:12)

A9) ? (46:00)


B1) ? (same as A9)


DJ Quick & DJ Nicol & Texas Pete


B2) ? (50:09)

B3) ? (52:55)

B4) ? (58:28)

B5) ? (1:03:24)

B6) Ray Keith – Solar Systems [UFO – Contact LP]

B7) Dom & Roland – Parasite [Moving Shadow]

>> Air Movement - Senza [5HQ]

B8) ? (1:19:11)

B9) Ray Keith feat Lea – There’s Something Out There [UFO – Contact LP]

B10) ? (1:29:42)

B11) Method Man – Judgement Day (Roni Size Dub Rmx) [Def Jam]

B12) Shy FX – Bambaata (Dillinja Rmx) [Ebony]

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