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Midi Mark - Vocal Bytes 1 (adlibs used in lots of 94-96 tunes)


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Been after this one for a while.

Rising Sons - Dreams of You is the best example as it contains several sections of the vocal.

The same vocal appears in

Hardware - Dreaming Of You
Dillinja - Selassie Sound
Pascal - Freedom
A Guy Called Gerald - The Nile

Must be more... C'mon guys...

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1 hour ago, garx said:

These are from Midi Mark - Vocal Bytes 1 (1994) sample CD:

found it recently in Dreams Of You, but didn't know about the other tracks you've mentioned, thanks for info as well

Excellent thanks - I'm disappointed there isnt a song to enjoy, but at least it solves an old puzzle. Cheers

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  • selectabwoy changed the title to Midi Mark - Vocal Bytes 1 (adlibs used in lots of 94-96 tunes)

Changed the thread title, as AFAIK sample CDs arent listed here, but there are quite a few well-known vocals on this one that might be useful to note somewhere, if only to provide closure for anyone seeking out the sources.

Found these so far -

J Majik - Tranquil (all vocals) (Track 5)
Johnny Jungle - Killa Sound (female adlib) (Track 4)
Pascal - Freedom
Hardware - Dreaming Of You
Rising Sons - Dreams of You
A Guy Called Gerald - The Nile
Dillinja - Selassie Sound (^ female vocals from these five spread across Tracks 6-9)
Dillinja - In The Mood (Track 7)
Dillinja - Tear Down (The Whole Place) ('now just go for it', 'you want more?', 'uhhh') (Track 15/16)
International Rude Boyz - The Half Step (all vocals in the breakdown) (Track 22/23)
Mental Power - Jazz It Up Now (I think) (Track 22)
MA2 - Rollers Music (vocal snippets in intro) (Track 21)
DJ Zinc - Pranksters ('I like the bass that goes boom') (Track 3)
PFM - Language Of Love (Track 2)

There a few other possibles that I can't quite put my finger on, but I'm probably gonna call it a day there. Quite a lot of crappy adlibs in between the gems, and after track 22 the quality goes over a cliff. 

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