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Guitar effect, appeared in 10+ tracks since 1990


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Looking for hard rock/metal guitar "scream" effect used in many tracks, and for a hip-hop track from 1990 or earlier that sampled it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hJ3qsfzQc9vNfufQtTGtV8izMZnEm05a/view?usp=drive_link

Used in:
DHS - Holophonic Sound (1990)
G Double E - Gee Theme (1991) - sampled from unknown hip-hop track (see google drive link, contains Monk Higgins - One Man Band break and Bar-Kays - Let's Have Some Fun synth stab)
Toxic - Modular (1991) - sampled from the same source as Gee Theme
Space Trax - The Tremolo (1991)
Lenny Dee & Victor Simonelli - Makossa Groove (1995, but recorded earlier)
Cypress Hill - Lightning Strikes (1998)
Mr. Dibbs - Captain Splatter Patty (1998)
The DJ Producer - Harder They Fall (2000)
DJ Q-Bert - Limited Hard To Find Dirt Style - Side B (2003) (5:02 https://youtu.be/enM1t7RmfZw?t=302 )
Plump DJs - Listen To The Baddest (2007)

Also, 2 Mad - Don't Hold Back The Feeling (Piano Mix) (1990) sampled the same beat as Gee Theme and Modular, but without the guitar sample (thus a different timestamp in the same source).

If you know any other tracks using this sample, post them here too.

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