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randall 95 unreleased metalheadz


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Ok, so this could be pretty futile...

used to have a tape...could have sworn it was Randall at helter skelter or obsession....but i could be wrong (frequently!). the tape was the classic see through silver like the helter skelter tapes back in the day.

one side of the tape started with what sounded like a prototype/experimental track that sounded like it could have made the 96 Platinum breakz album...but didnt.


it had the classic Goldie Timeless high string...a single note sustained throughout the whole intro that slowly pitched up and down a semitone....lots of spacious sweeping sound fx and filtered, harmonized, twisted apache drumbreak (marc & dego goldie timeless style) and saturated boom 808s.

never heard the track since...

over this track was what could be described as an MC...but it actually sounded like some twat in the crowd had managed to get hold of the mic and was doing a screaming high pitched impression of Robbie D or Mad P. didnt last long.... the mic was wrestled away from him, thank god.


ring any bells for anyone? looking for the track...but just to hear the tape would be a start.



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