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DJ Casanova - Untitled (Side B)


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Break name: DJ Casanova - Untitled (Side B)

Artist: DJ Casanova
Track name: Untitled (B1) / Untitled (B2)
Original release: 12", Untitled
Label: R & S Records
Cat number: RS 9111
Year: 1991

2nd generation Funky Drummer break, chopped up
Generator - Narcomaniac (1992)
DJ Scoobie - Mash Up! The Speakers (1992)
DJ Scoobie - Boom Pow Bass Quake (Fantasy U.F.O. Mix) (1993)
Nebula II - Benzine Fiend (1993)
Dream - So Strange (1993)
Jack Smooth & Spencer T - Happy Nonsense (1993)
Foul Play - Open Your Mind (Tango Remix) (1993) [sampled from Jack Smooth & Spencer T - Happy Nonsense]
Citadel of Kaos - Freedom (1993)
Sacred - Do It Together (Remix) (1993)
The Hermit - Give You All I Got (1993)
Princess of the Posse - Follow Me No Massive (1993)
Mikey James & Q Bass - The Prophecy (1994)

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