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    Move from Lucky Spin to Pure White Remove the Pure White remix credits and re-order the tracklisting as follows : A1. Orca - 4 AM (Remix) A2. Orca - 4 AM (Remix - Part 2) B. Orca - 4 AM
  2. iamdek


    http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/labello...ecordings/nlb29 A. L Double - The Saturday Flex 97 AA. L Double - Saturday (Rollers Revival Mix) http://i19.ebayimg.com/01/i/08/3a/aa/b0_1.JPG
  3. OK ... think this needs looking at .. http://www.rolldabeats.com/search/catalogue/eye01 I have this release. It has an Entity label with 3rd Eye credit. The label has the cat# NTT1253. The etching however is EYE01. Can anyone confirm the existence of a release etched with NTT1253? If not, then this should be scrapped from the database, leaving : http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/3rd_eye/eye01 but with the comment changed to 'Cat# on label NTT1253' and the trackorder and 2 tracknames are incorrect. Ignore whats written on the label for the trackorder .. it should be : A1. System X - Say It A2. System X - Say It (Version) B1. System X - Mindgames (Dub Mix) B2. System X - Mindgames Marvellous :tongue:
  4. http://www.rolldabeats.com/label/datdance Datdance is a sublabel of http://www.rolldabeats.com/label/vinyl_conflict Vinyl Conflict and the address I have for them (the old shop run by Special K) is : 307 The Broadway Bexleyheath Kent
  5. iamdek


    Ammended my post to 1994 and kept it as an unknown artist. Think it definitely needs something in the comments to say it has red labels on both sides.
  6. iamdek


    :biggrin: Not really my bag! So are they really Slipmatt tunes do you think?
  7. iamdek


    How comes? Not great tunes IMO.
  8. iamdek

    No Limit #7

    On NL1 it's stamped as DJ Bizz but on all subsequent No Limit releases, it's stamped as DJ Biz :doh:
  9. iamdek


    OK, this vinyl has nothing on it at all, just a red label on either side. Artist : ??? Label : Whitelabel Cat# : SL001 Year : 1994 A - ??? B - ??? Now then ... discogs have this down as a Slipmatt release from 1993 ... and I'm having trouble agreeing with that. What do you guys think? Have a listen to the mp3 of both sides ... @192 mp3 of Side A @192 mp3 of Side B
  10. iamdek


    Follow this URL : http://search-desc.ebay.co.uk/search/searc...op=1%26fsoo%3D1 and save it as a favourite search ... you never know, one may appear on ebay
  11. iamdek


    :bop: @192 of side A @192 of side B God knows how you'd find a copy ... mine came from Roughouse Records in Slough back in the day.
  12. iamdek


    Some 1991 breakbeat business (a Seduction fav) Artist : Kinetic Label : Whitelabel Year : 1991 Cat# : KIN1 A - Dancefloor Justice B - ???
  13. iamdek


    Some obscure 1992 piano hardcore business ... Artist : Psycho Joan Cat# : SJPROMO1 Year : 1992 Label : Whitelabel A1 - Let's Do It Now (Pump It Up) (Club Mix) A2 - Let's Do It Now (Pump It Up) (Instrumental Mix) B - Don't F**k With Me Fella's!!! Psycho Joan is credited as being Steve Matthews & Sprial X. David Hedger programmed and engineered.
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