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    Kaiza feat. Try and Error - Zafary
  2. just noticed that the add-genre popup needs some markup-change: currently there are radiobuttons without labels. instead of <li> <input class="parent_genres" type="radio" name="tag" value="1"/> Drum & Bass </li> you have to change it to <li> <input class="parent_genres" type="radio" name="tag" value="1" id="rb_dnb" /> <label for="rb_dnb">Drum & Bass</label> </li> the usability of this box is a bit poor without those label-containers because you have no choice between clicking the tiny radiobutton itself or the text next to it!
  3. hanswurst


    what do you think about adding something like "Wobble" as subgenre to dnb? maybe someone has a better name for this!? or should those tunes/releases/labels be tagged with "Drum & Bass/JumpUp" ? (there is a lot of JumpUp i like but i don't like the wobble-thingy at all) further it would be great to have a page with a few examples to to every genre/subgenre (in case it doesn't exist anywhere on rdb).
  4. Yeah you are totaly right: every release page of darkhorse (except dhr003) is easy to read because artist title seperator is in a vertical line for each track. So applying it for all release pages of rdb would not affect those which already have it in an vertical line
  5. in case i will upload clips of a cd whichs first track is a 40 seconds intro: should this be uploaded in full length? i think there also some "tracks" called "sample me" by Dev Paradox which are pretty short....
  6. sorry but i really have to disagree! http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/caipirinha_music/cai2012/ its great to have that genre thingy and soundclip link for each track but its getting more and more ?challenging? to consume the information. i am sure that seperating artist and title in one vertical line would make it easier! whats the opinion of all the rdb-users?
  7. http://www.rolldabeats.com/person/gilles_peterson Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/home/rdb/www/person.php on line 634
  8. http://www.rolldabeats.com/country/united_kingdom/labels Call to undefined function: check_member() in /usr/home/rdb/www/header.php on line 21
  9. [kidding] next time you plan a rdb party choose a location in vienna/austria that i also can be there! :rolleyes: [/kidding] i whish you guys much fun! :cool:
  10. the naming of the clips does not work for every tune in the database! for example "ar010-a" would have to match 2 different tunes http://www.rolldabeats.com/search/catalogue/ar010 @haste: also the request done by the swf is not able to seperate this! i think the best way would be to name it like the integer track-id of rdb. of course it is not comfortable for clip-submitters but there would be a few advantages: *) same catalognumbers of different labels could be submitted & requested *) a submitted clip would match every appearance of this tune in the database and there would be no need to upload Roni Size's Brown Paper Bag with 30!!! different clip-filenames *) in case the CatNr gets a correction there would be no need to correct any clip-filename anyone has a better idea/solution? (prefixing the catnr with labelname would also cause problems in case of label-name-change) greets from austria hanswurst
  11. perfect! thanks again :smile:
  12. Same for the genre! i know that it is standard to have a genre attribute for an album but not for singletracks of an album. but this standard is absolutely nonsene. its 2009 and time for a change!
  13. i noticed something on the release screen which changed in an unhappy way. artist/title seperator is not in a vertical line which makes it tedious to check all tracknames on the first sight. tracknames in old version had been readable very fast. (of course this example is not as pretty as it looked before the relaunch) 01. Grooverider & Optical - Cybernetic Jazz 02. Grooverider & Optical (feat. Roya Arab) - Rainbows Of Colour 03. Grooverider & Optical - On The Double 04. Grooverider & Optical (feat. Sophie Barker) - Time & Space 05. Grooverider & Optical - Where's Jack The Ripper? 06. Grooverider & Optical - Fly With Me 07. Grooverider & Optical (feat. Cleveland Watkiss) - C Funk 08. Grooverider & Optical (feat. Sophie Barker) - Imagination (Part 1 & 2) 09. Grooverider & Optical - Rivers Of Congo 10. Grooverider & Optical (feat. Sophie Barker) - Imagination (Part 3) 11. Grooverider & Optical - 560 Degrees 12. Grooverider & Optical - Starbase 23 13. Grooverider & Optical (feat. Roya Arab) - Rainbows Of Colour (Heaven's Breath Mix) it takes much longer to read only the tracknames even with the same artist for all tunes http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/higher_ground/high6cd/ maybe the old version wasn't that pretty but the information of the tracktitle was easier to consume (for me). for me the usability is more important than the look pretty thingy what do you guys think about? greetz from austria hanswurst
  14. thank you for this one haste! Unfortunately i told you a wrong info about the filename after a drag and drop action out of the browser (firefox). A drag and drop action of the favicon left of address-field onto the desktop creates a filename like the xyz of the xhtml document. but a drag&drop action of any link inside the creates a file which is entitled like the linked text.xyz creates xyz.url please add something like: permalink to labelname cat at rolldabeats.com sorry for beeing tedious but it should not be that time-intensive to change it! Thanks in advance and sorry for the wrong info! hanswurst
  15. well done! thanks a lot :smile: *EDIT please link to this sound clips thread! this one? http://www.rolldabeats.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37319
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