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  1. Sadly i've not been able to track the vocal down. The lyrics don't get me anywhere. Ah well, perhaps we'll never know! Wicked EP though!
  2. This is a long shot but does anyone have any idea about the source of this Chipmunk vocal from The Biology E.P. An obscure white from late 1992. I believe the vocal says: 'I just wanna give you something, That you can treasure and keep right now..' I have attached a clip as well as having the clip on Soundcloud: Any help in sourcing this obscure vocal will be greatly appreciated!!! Cheers Ned
  3. I have a Donovan Badboy Smith Tape from, judging by the tunes he plays is from the 10th July 1993 Rave. It's not listed here but I'm sure it's from these promoters (my copy is a bootleg and I can't remember whether the source was an original or not being it was such a long time ago)
  4. jj You are a gent. I would have never tracked these down so really - Thanks mate. Off to Discogs I go! Ned
  5. These are two tunes from a Tin Tin set in 1991 they were played by a lot of the Dj's BITD (Seduction, Ellis Dee, Rider etc etc.) I've tried but I just can't place them... Any help would be awesome - Thanks!! Ned https://vocaroo.com/i/s1zEUY6mOviC https://vocaroo.com/i/s0UnGLEuj81X
  6. I think it was you on the Fantazia Castle Donnington thread who answered you own question so I'm probably quoting yourself back to you but just in case the tune is: https://www.discogs.com/Nightbreed-Movement-Two-Return-Of-The-Breed/release/181533 Sorry if you know this already Ned
  7. JJ, You sir are a scholar and a gentleman!!! I am Discogging as we speak! Thank you! Ned
  8. Another Rider tune I need IDing if at all possible... Again I've only ever heard him play it and only on this tape. Grooverider.mp3
  9. Just in case anyone else was wondering - I have I.D'd it finally. It's on Easy Mo's cut and Run E.P. https://www.discogs.com/Easymo-Cut-And-Run-EP/release/26715 Cheers to anyone who had a look at this post. Ned
  10. I have only heard this track on this mix which is the first tape I ever owned (so sorry for the sound quality but we all know what tapes were like - especially ones 20 years old and second hand copies to boot!) It's a great set with many tunes I have chased down over the years but this one has eluded me. Any help would be insanely appreciated!! there is a link here to the track in question and I've also added one below on Vocaroo here: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1KJ2p3b4vcm Cheers Ned Rider_Clip.mp3
  11. Can any of my Old Skool heads ID this track for me? It's the last one on Grooverider's set at Mythology - May 1st 1992 and I'm stumped... Not sure if it ever came out but maybe someone might shed some light on it. I Dunno... I would be super grateful!!! Track _ID_needed_Grooverider_Mythology.mp3 [attachment=863:Track _ID_needed_Grooverider_Mythology.mp3 or here: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1BZBcI43zPe Cheers Ned
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