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  1. Tape Six: Hype DJ Hype – ?ugees Or Not? / Super Sharp Shooter (DJ Hype VIP Mashup) [Unreleased] Hi scuzzy983 - wanted to check if this mashup was definitely by DJ Hype. I noticed DJ Zinc recently spoke about the original ?ugees Or Not? and said that it was actually by him and Hype helped on it. He doesn't mention the mashup specifically though: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C6ysPomIHV4/?igsh=MjVsODdtNHozanY4
  2. DJ Ron 9) I think this is also on Darren Jay - Hysteria 9 (Ear Blaster) which I have listed as: Il Padrino - Il Padrino (Mix 1) [Bone]
  3. The link on the Hype section is for the Clarkee set. The Hype one can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/alan-boothby/dj-hype-dreamscape-22-on-20-july-1996-with-mc-joe-peng
  4. DJ Hype B6) Ray Keith - Terrorist (Old Spice Remix) [The Golden Years: Back to '94 album] https://soundcloud.com/kniteforcerevolution/kf159j-ray-keith-terrorist-old
  5. Andy C B2) Ram Trilogy - Huggy Bear [RAM] Nicky Blackmarket A3) Brockie, DJ Kane, Ed Solo - Shallow Minds [sonic Minds]
  6. Andy C B4) Moving Fusion - Shadows B6) Concept 2 - Discology
  7. Ratty 1) The Bogeyman - Enter The Hardcore 2) Origination - Bass 3) Tronix - Double Zero 4) Sy-Kick - Nasty (Terrorize Mix) 5) Tronix - Good And Strong 6) DJ's Unite - In Effect (Dancin' The Whole Night) 7) DJ's Unite - DJ's Unite (Remix) 8) DJ Edge - Compnded Jumping Jack Frost 1) ??? - 25:15 2) The Men From Del Bosca - El-Bland-E 3) Tek 9 - Just A Dream - Part 2 (Manix Remix) 4) DJ Trace & LTJ Bukem - Teach Me To Fly 5) Wax Doctor - A New Direction 6) Manix - Hardcore Junglism (Exclusive Remix) 7) Psychotropic - Hypnosis (SL2 Remix) 8) Unknown Artist - Jump Up EP / Open Your Mind EP (A1) 9) DJ Seduction - My Own 10) Psuedo 3 - B-Line Stepper 11) ??? - 49:30 12) Edge Of Darkness - Come Together 13) Wots My Code - Dubplate Credit to Nebkins at tuneId: https://www.tuneid.c...-Day-21-08-1992
  8. Not sure it helps, but if you search on Google for "dj hype" "master mix" and change to Images, it's the 3rd one for me. Looks like it was sold on eBay at some point.
  9. Scuzzy983 - I think it's from this event in 1994: http://rolldabeats.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=48414
  10. Zinc b2b Friction 1) Dillinja – 96 Thing (VIP) [unreleased] Sounds like the one mentioned on here as unreleased: https://www.dogsonacid.com/threads/unreleased-dillinja.787008/
  11. The SS gaps are filled in on tuneid: https://www.tuneid.com/archive/index.php/t-98668.html
  12. Here's a link to the missing Ratty set if anyone fancies working out the tracklist:
  13. Ed Rush B5) Kemal & Rob Data - Konspiracy Zinc & Pascal B8) The Fifth Assassin - Perimeters (DJ Ruffstuff Mix)
  14. Small typo in the opening post "....recorded at Accelerated Culture 12" Also, this looks like the Andy C bonus CD if anyone wanted to have a go: https://www.mixcloud.com/asap1984/andy-c-accelerated-culture-cd13/
  15. Sasha T (old skool) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34JZUs2YN5k&t=2266s A1) Jinny - Keep Warm (Alex Party Hot Mix) A2) Xpansions - Move Your Body (Elevation) A3) Problem House - Party People A4) Rhythm On The Loose - Break Of Dawn (Rhythm On The Loose 95 Remix) A5) Moby - Go A6) Gem / One Tribe / MC Nuts - What Have You Done A7) Shades Of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation A8) Congress - 40 Miles A9) Klubbdriver - Quadrophonia (Klubbheads Remix) A10) MC Jay J & Devious D - Drive Ya' Crazy B1) MC Jay J & Devious D - Drive Ya' Crazy B2) ? B3) ? B4) ? B5) ? B6) Urban Shakedown - Some Justice B7) Bizarre Inc. - Just A Feeling B8) Bizarre Inc. - Playing With Knives B9) The House Crew - Keep The Fires Burning B10) Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy B11) Zero B - Lock Up
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