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16 tunes without id


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under teh link resides 16 tunes, these are some older tunes - i mean 1999-2001 probably.. but few of them are new.. all encoded to low bitrate vbr, and all of them rather up to 1 minute length.

weight of the file - 6.12MB


i'll try to do some short description some of them..


--- 00441 (1:38)

reminds me rme tyme tunes.. but don't know for sure

--- 0139 (1:03)

definitely tune from full cycle (dj krust probably), can't find out who is it..

--- 0128 (1:18)

--- 01382 (2:11)

--- 0140 (1:45)

--- dnb21 (0:49)

--- drum n bass (0:58)

--- 0024dnbunknown (0:29)

--- 0035nootherway (0:52)

--- 0056nastr2 (1:17)

maybe utah jazz & (or without) alex reece.. don't know..

--- 0059dnbagain (0:32)

i thought about dj friction.. but don't know..

--- September Side B (0:15)

i found that tune in two mixes.. john rolodex (it is played as third in the mix), couldnt find a tracklisting for that.. (to be honest, it is from rolodex's mix exactly), and found that tune also in cativo@crystal acid.. also couldn't find tracklisting :/

--- 1111dnb1 (0:39)

--- 1111dnb2 (0:35)

--- Panacea and Cativo - Live on Radio FM4 (0:56)

directly from that set done exclusively for fm4 (as in id3 tag).. but in official tracklisting ( http://fm4.orf.at/station/27027/main ), there were no any mention about that one :(( anyway sounds like panacea.. to be honest - panacea and problem child (disorder second gen) sounds a bit like this, but not like that.. :/ in the official tracklisting that tune is after (19) Johnny Jungle - Killa Sound Rmx and before (20) Polar - Skydiver

--- 00252 (1:00)



im not new to dnb, but suppose my description wouldn't be handy at all ;)


happy guessing anyway



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