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All the fly skinnies ID PLEASE!!

Guest DJ Ben J

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Guest DJ Ben J



Two tunes for your memory banks to restore:


The first is from approximatly '92 maybe '93 and was played on Steve Jacksons house show on kiss, it has the Beastie Boys sample "all the fly skinnies feel the beat" repeated over and over a fair way into the track?


The second is from '93 maybe '94 and has a sample from Star Trek the motion picture that goes "We (William Shatner pause) are the creator" & "Only the creator could acomplish this".


Help would be most appreciated and may even win a prize!!!


P.S. if your in the london area im playing oldskool on Rude 88.2 tonight 10 till 12 (Wednesday 16th)... I usually play on thursday night 10 till 12 if your interested..

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Guest DJ Ben J

Your a star!!... (ebay here i come)... Im sure i've got a Smooth But Hazardous tune i'll check it for simalarity.....


The first tune is in the old '92 breakbeat style like Naz aka Naz Organized Crime i recon.. The secon is more on the dark '93 kinda stylee... Im going by memory on both of them (and my memory aint great) i had the first on a tape many years ago and the second was on a minidisc that played on rude 88.2 years ago....


Oh no now i've remembered another couple im after, the sample goes "Your nothing!!!.... Your noone!! Your just a fu**ing dream!!", from Total Recall..


Cant remember the sample right now but it was definatly from The Krays.


Maybe i'll come back to those another time..



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