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"muthafucka don't understand if i die.."


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hi everyone

i need light on this one


you all know the dillinja's track that samples 2Pac :

"muthafucka don't understand if i die...die...die..."


i bought TEST003 (Tronik Funk / Thugs) on chemical-records. audio sample for Thugs was what i'm actually looking for (tune with the 2pac sample).

The tune i received was totally different (i know there was a lot of mispress and misrepress on Test Recordings).


Now i've got a friend who's got the original press of test003. and thugs, here, is the 2pac sampling tune.


what i'd like to know is :

- does the track i'm looking for has anything to do with "muthafucka" on Philly Blunt

- if not, which one is the "right" press

- and if the right press is mine, what is the real track name of that 2pac sampling tune

(which is a real big tune) (and a musthave for me :) )




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the tune that samples 2pac has nothing to do with "Muthafucka" on Philly Blunt --> completely different


I think the actual "Thugs" is the one with the 2pac sample, therefore you have a different track on your record. Why don't you post a clip? Perhaps someone can ID it.

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my b-side is identical to what's on the a-side of my TB1 copy (test blue)

which normally is "weapon of choice"


the odd thing is -just like Haste noticed in another thread-

before the drop of this track, there is a voice that whispers "test 3"


finally my opinion is :


test3 with "thugs" ("muthafuc...") is a mispress

TB1 is a way to repair the mistake they made (and release "weapon of choice")

my version of test003(which is a repress), is the "right" press, (i mean it's what it was originally programmed)

btw test blue was identical to test and didn't last too long, is it possible that they created it just for that?


but i'm going a little bit too far, this gonna be a little bit off topic (thought i got my answer: "thugs" is the 2pac sampling tune). However, any further information on this "test mess" is welcome (if not here, in the "label or "release" section)

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