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Species LP SPLP-7


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Species LP



Dillinja "you don't know"

Dillinja "twisted mood"

Ground Level "travelling"



D. Note "manhatten melody"

System X "rolling deep"

Lemon D "bus this feeling"



Dillinja "deepa"

Sy Ense "the elements"

Origination "heavy vibes"



Echoes Of Darkness "thankfull"

Origination "my mind"

Origination "the statement"


Label: Species Recordings

Cat: SPLP-7

year: ?

2 x 12"





taken from here:


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label connected with 3rd eye : http://www.rolldabeats.com/label/3rd_eye



interesting tracklisting, some of these are infact previously released tracks under different names. (will investigate that)


also, this doubles my suspicion that this : http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/3rd_eye/ktl01


is another dillinja alias release!

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some more info from the cover:



all tracks - "self produced"



manhatten melody - produced by Jay M.

rollin deep - produced by Rupert Parkes, remix by Lemon D.

bus this (feeling) - self produced



deepa - self produced

then it say says "prod. by rob salomon"so i guess that means both other tunes



thankfull - self produced

my mind & the statement - produced by rob soloman


etching on side A, B & C says : NYY LP 001

etching on side D says: Rude006 -> http://www.rolldabeats.com/release/rude_boy/rude006 ?????

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