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rolldabeats present 'A Decade In The Mix' - Part 3


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The third part of the mix is now up and ready for download on Dogs On Acid.


You can read full details and grab the mp3 here


Part 2: http://www.rolldabea...showtopic=46808

Part 1: http://www.rolldabea...showtopic=41194



1. Seba & Lotek - Universal Music [Good Looking]


From one of the most consistent producers on the scene, this track has Seba's trademarks all over it; deep, beautiful music, packed with emotion.



2. St Etienne - The Sea (PFM remix) [Heavenly]


Fellow Good Looking artist PFM delivers a sublime remix of St Etienne here. Again, deep and rolling, and an utterly spine-tingling breakdown.


3. Blu Mar Ten - Butterflies & Moths [720]




4. Photek - The Water Margin [Photek]


Picking just one Photek track from this era was quite some task. Certificate 18, Streetbeats, Metalheadz, and many more were blessed with his razor sharp breakbeat science. Check the second drop.


5. Intense - First Contact [Vibez]


As you can probably tell from the crackle (looks like I need to hunt down a new copy!), this track has had quite a battering over the years. Amen, bass, strings in perfect balance.


6. Source Direct - The Crane [source Direct]


Ice cold beat science from Phil and Jim, often described as the darker version of Photek.


7. S.O.S. - Spacefunk [Timeless]


Digital steps forth with what was undoubtedly one of, if not THE Blue Note anthem.


8. Doc Scott - Drumz 95 (Nasty Habits remix) [Metalheadz]


Restricting myself to just one track from Metalheadz for a Blue Note mix was tough, but Doc Scott's remix of his own Here Comes The Drumz, originally released on Reinforced, and another remix of which launched Metalheadz, stands out as another Blue Note classic.


9. Dom & Roland - Dynamics [Moving Shadow]


In the midst of a barrage of atmospheric releases on Moving Shadow, Dom stood firm and unleashed some of the darkest sounds imaginable, this track being a prime example.


10. Danny Breaks - Solar Jive [Droppin' Science]


One of the unsung heroes of the scene, Danny Breaks goes mental with the filters before letting rip with an almighty Tighten Up workout on the second drop.


11. Decoder - Fuse [Elementz]


No set from Doc Scott in the Blue Note era was complete without at

least one track from Darren Beale. I don?t think this little gem ever

made it past promo.


12. Ed Rush, Trace, and Nico - The Droid [Nu Black]


Stripped down, raw techstep from the No U Turn camp, who were

primarily responsible for the emergence of that style. The Droid was

the first release on the limited edition sister label, Nu Black.

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