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Makoto Shimizu


Genre: Drum & Bass (Liquid)










We are planing to start my flagship record label Human Elements next year (2010). Tracks released on Human Elements will be available in many formats including Vinyl, CD and Digital. The label will also be parent to HE:Digital which will be a strictly digital venture, designed to develop my musical visions and those of my friends and companions, especially artists from the scene in Japan. All music on HE:Digital will be initially released in only digital formats. In addition to exclusive digital titles, we will also release different versions and remixes of tracks only available on Human Elements.


The way we listen and gain access to music has been completely changed in the last few years. We now have many new opportunities and channels to release music through, and in various formats as well. But above all else, we think the most important mission for any label, digital or physical, should be quality control. HE:Digital will always deliver the same high quality music that you are used to hearing from the Human Elements camp, but will also represent and exciting chance for me to spread my broad musical vision even further across the globe. I’m also looking for music to release on this new label, please send me demos via AIM “makhumanelements” or Sound Cloud dropbox below.

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