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Are these not the same person? Or in the least have we not got some of the release attributed the wrong way round





I reckon the garage Noodles is the same one as on the No Smoking release. Noodles used to work at Unity Records alongside Smokey Joe (ah, those were the days) when that release came out so there's a definite link there. The DPR mp3 shops online have a load of "Unity" mixes for sale on them which I think also suggests that this is the same guy. These mixes don't seem to be available anywhere else for sale that I can tell


I don't know where the Noodles from Noodles & Wonder comes in. S. Juke & Steven Jude are pretty similar but I have no idea if these real names come from multiple releases or one off misspellings so I think it would be unwise to say that they are the same person.


Here are a few old threads with info that we then put into the db




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The real name info for Noodles of Noodles & Wonder came from the artwork to http://www.discogs.com/Noodles-Wonder-Dub-Soup-EP/release/210113


I can see where you're coming from on the No Smoking release. However, Discogs lists the No Smoking release as by being by Needles (?!), so that's not much help.


The name Steven Jude for the Groove Chronicles Noodles is plastered all over the net...

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Yeah, I thought that's where the real name for that one came from.


Discogs is totally wrong about that. It looks a bit like Needles on the artwork but quite obviously isn't. The confusion comes from the fact that the two Os in the name have the No Smoking crossed out O sign through them like all the label's artwork. I can see how you might think that but it is clearly Noodles. I'll take a pic of the release and upload to show


See these as examples







The Facs artwork on this one does make it a little easier to confuse things

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Fair enough!


GC Noodles' bio on myspace implies he was into jungle etc, but didn't really start producing until the garage days... but I guess we could always contact him for clarification? he seems to be embracing the internet over the past year or two!

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That's only two releases that he had before garage days, even including the Noodles & Wonder one. Both of which could have been engineered by someone else. I've seen loads of people say that they didn't get into production but seem to forget about releases that they had a long time before that.


But, yeah, well worth giving him a shout online. Will give him a shout via Myspace over the weekend


Reminder for me...



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