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Bassdrive Tunes




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Welcome to BassdriveTunes Virtual Record Store! After many years of featuring the newest and the best Drum&Bass has to offer on Bassdrive Worldwide Drum&Bass Radio, we are continuing our mission to spread good Drum&Bass to as many people as we can by making some of the most fresh and upfront tunes available to the masses. We are very excited to announce we are launching the BassdriveTunes label with 10 releases of 20 tunes!


What you see is what you get here. Tunes!!! We won't fill your head up with all kinds of written text all over the page. Just enough for you to get to know our artists who made the Tunes. We have gathered great tunes by some of the most talented musicians from worldwide for you to go through, take a listen to and purchase. A very significant portion of every sale goes directly to the artists so you will be giving them personal support every time you buy music from BassdriveTunes!


We will always be on the look out for new tunes and plan to release them on consistently steady pace. We also have many more features in store for the BassdriveTunes Virtual Record Store as well. Be sure to visit often to see what's new!


Enjoy the BassdriveTunes!


~The BassdriveTunes Crew

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