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Randall - Studio Mixes


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Randall - Session 1 Studio 'Randall & Goldie Production'


A1) 2 Bad Mice - Tribal Revival (Remix) [Moving Shadow]

A2) Hopa - Pro-One EP Side B1 [Pro-One - PRONE17T]

A3) Foul Play - Finest Illusion (Legal Mix) [Moving Shadow]

A4) Eze G - Data Dump EP Side B2 [unatural Light]

A5) Pascal & Sponge - Just Rollin' A Fat B [Face]

A6) Studio 2 - Who Jah Bless [studio 2]

A7) Inta Warriors - Your Love Is Yours [Dee Jay]

A8) FBD Project - The Core [bang-In Tunes]

A9) Foul Play - Open Your Mind (Foul Play Remix) [Moving Shadow]

A10) Mike De Underground - Blind Date EP Side B1 [u No Dat]

A11) DJ Clarkee - Untitled (A Side) - NI 17/4

A12) Two Dark Troopers - I Wanna Be Your Lover [basement]


B1) Johnny Jungle - Flammable [suburban Base]

B2) DJ Trace - Lost Entity (New York Side) [Lucky Spin]

B3) 2 Bad Mice - Underworld [Moving Shadow]

B4) Metalheads - Saint Angel [synthetic]

B5) DJ Crystl - Inna Year 3000 [Force Ten]

B6) Studio Pressure - Jump [Certificate 18]

B7) The Good, 2 Bad & Hugly - Make Some Hardcore Noise [Ruff Kut!]

B8) LTJ Bukem & Tayla - Bang The Drums [Good Looking]

B9) Cool Hand Flex - "Let It Roll" / "All I Need" [unreleased]

B10) Orca - Rain Of Drums [Lucky Spin]

B11) Doc Scott - Street Knowledge (The Lost Track) [Reinforced]

B12) Hopa - Pro-One EP Side A [Pro-One - PRONE17T]

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Randall - Vinyl Experience 2 - 1992


A1) THC – Feel So Good – Twisted Records

A2) Blowback – Vision On – Strange Planet

A3) 4 Hero – Cooking Up Yah Brain – Reinforced

A4) The Psychopaths – Beats & Culture (Psycho Dub) – Elicit

A5) Smart Systems - Space Virus - Jumpin' & Pumpin'

A6) Structural Damage – Really Livin’ – Symphony Sounds

A7) DJ Vinyl – Charged Up – Beat Master Records

A8) Blame – Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Remx) – Moving Shadow

A9) THC - Nice Up The Land (Steppers Mix) - Twisted Records

A10) Simon “Bassline” Smith – Untitled (D Day Vol 1) – White

A11) DJ Splix – Nasty Rhythm – Elicit

A12) Run Tings – Fires Burning (Mickey Finn Remix) – Subbase

A13) II Exodus - Bring Down The Father - II Exodus

A14) Bubbles – We Can Ride The Boogie – Elicit


B1) http://www.tuneid.com/attachments/hardcore/62297d1337927136-randall-vinyl-experience-studio-mix-2-may-1992-randall-vinyl-experience-1992-b1.mp3

B2) The House Crew – Maniac (Remix) – Production House

B3) Nebula II – C.O.D. Rider – J4M

B4) Smooth But Hazzardous – Made U Dance (Violent Headrush EP) - Basement

B5) THC – Surreal – Twisted Records

B6) Interface – Ha! (Return To Toytown EP) – Rising High Records

B7) Simon “Bassline” Smith – Untitled (D Day Vol 2) – White

B8) DMS – Vengeance – Production House

B9) Sudden Def – Fall Like Rain – Reinforced

B10) N.R.G. - Funky In The Place - Chill

B11) Flex & Uncle - Oddball - i.e. Records

B12) Naz A.K.A. Naz – Started Again (Remix) – Déja Vu

B13) Adam X & Frankie Bones – Getting High (Crossbones E.P.) – Fabulous Music UK

B14) New Decade – Get The Message – Out of Romford

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Randall - Vinyl Experience 1 - 1991


A1) Hardcore Rhythm Team - Ragga Clash - Furious Records

A2) Dave Charlesworth - Energizer 1 (B Side) - Energizer

A3) Techno-Logik - Sky Is The Limit (Full Mix) - High Density Records

A4) Project One - It's Driving Me - Rising High Records

A5) Manix - You Held My Hand - Reinforced

A6) World Dominance - Compression (World Dominance Mix) - Powertraxx Records

A7) Aphex Twin - En Trance To Exit - Mighty Force

A8) Industrial - Renegade (Remix) - Kinetix Recordings

A9) Dragon Fly - Visions Of Rage (Original Mix) - BTB Records

A10) Flex - Dreaming - De Underground Records

A11) Raging Rockers - Kounter Attack - Ruby Red Records

A12) Nebula II - Atheama (Remix) - Reinforced Records

A13) Progression - Bypass The Bass - MCR

A14) DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini - Everybody Is Under The Influence - Liquid Wax Recordings

A15) Code 071 - You Stand Together Yo Breakthrough - Reinforced

A16) F/O/A/D - Repper - D-Zone Records

A17) Crystal Vortex - Children Of The Liam Crystal - Fly Records


B1) Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam - Triple XXX (Instrumental) - CD-1

B2) Manix - Head In The Clouds - Reinforced

B3) Hardcore Rhythm Team - Oooooh! - Furious Records

B4) QBass - Hardcore Will Never Die (E Type Version) - Suburban Base

B5) Fierce Ruling Diva - Rubb It In (FRD Subtopia Mix) - React Records

B6) 2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down - Moving Shadow

B7) Project One - Cheeba - Rising High Records

B8) DJ Freeze - Kool To Be Kleer (New Yorker Mix) - Full Effect Recordings

B9) Code 071 - A London Sumting - Reinforced

B10) DJ DD Hass + X-10-CIV - High Tech - Underground Connection Records

B11) Matrix Rise - D.O.Y.L.E. Factor - Mutant Records

B12) Manix - I Can't Stand It - Reinforced

B13) Sound Corp - Dreamfinder (Which Mix ??) - Tone Def Records

B14) Interface - Spectre (Rmx) - Rising High Records

B15) Unknown Artist - Let's Go (Mix 2) - Pro-One Records

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Randall - De Underground Mix - Mid 1993


A1) 4 Wise Men featuring F.A.T.S. - Twised [Oddball]

A2) Unknown Artist - Light Of The Underground EP (A) [Oddball]

A3) Coolhand Flex - Wip Lash [De Underground]

A4) Flex "N" Hype - Pump The Bass [De Underground]

A5) Cool Hand Flex - On The Strength [in Touch]

A6) Flex - Hold Back [in Touch]

A7) Krazy Kid & Uncle - Dick Turpin (Rmx) [L.P.F.]

A8) Coolhand Flex - Mars [in Touch]

A9) Uncle 22 - Calling All Cars [u No Dat]

A10) Coolhand Flex - Out Of Control [De Underground]

A11) ??

A12) Unknown Artist - Untitled (AA2) [Pure Energy - PE 001]

A13) Cool Hand Flex - All I Need [unreleased]


B1) Cool Hand Flex - Go Insane [in Touch]

B2) Flex - R.A.W. [u No Dat]

B3) Coolhand Flex - Complete Control [in Touch]

B4) Uncle 22 - Love Me Twice [u No Dat]

B5) Cool Hand Flex - ZX2 EP (A) [De Underground]

B6) Mike De Underground - Blind Date E.P. (B1) [De Underground]

B7) Cool Hand Flex - Your Risk Remix [in Touch]

B8) Cool Hand Flex - Who's That [De Underground]

B9) Uncle 22 - Take You High [Pure Energy]

B10) 4 Wise Men featuring F.A.T.S. - Mind To Mind [Oddball]

B11) Flex & Uncle - On Top Of The World [Pure Energy]

B12) 4 Wise Men featuring F.A.T.S. - Twised [Oddball]

B13) Impact Crew - Feels Good [u No Dat]

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