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Q: Doc Scott / Nasty Habits Hoover Sample


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Doc Scott - VIP Drumz @ 2:08 (What a coincidence!)


Anyone know where these crazy hoovers were sampled from? I have a feeling it could be some sample CD, but I could be wrong.


If it's original, how did he make it? I know it's a Juno hoover, but it's been processed really hard.




Edit: I believe they're from the same origin. The VIP Drumz uses the same sample only the first part played in reverse, at 8 semitones lower. (C4 to E3 relative)

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On 11/5/2013 at 5:58 PM, camcer said:

If it's original, how did he make it?

This is a really good point. Scottie was mostly just straight lifting samples back then so I don't buy that he did a load of processing to achieve this. What's the source?

Edit: It's sampled from Jessie Deep - S.H.U.M.

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