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Dance Planet - 'Detonator V' - 31.12.1994 & 'Christmas Time Event' - 16.12.1994


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Tape 6 – Lomas


A1) DJ Hixx & Sunset Regime – People’s Party (Timmy’s Bad Boy Mix) [RSR]

A2) Jimmy J & Cru-L-T – Seventh Day [Remix]

A3) Sy & Unknown – Play The Theme [universal]

A4) Sy & Unknown – Cheddar 1 (A) [Quosh]

A5) ?

A6) Lenny Dee & Darrien Kelly - Schoom! [shoop!]

A7) Brisk – You & Me [Remix]

A8) Sy & Unknown – The Baddest Tune [Homegrown]

A9) Cyanide – Acid Inferno [E-Lusion]

A10) Higher Level – High Spirits [Zodiac]


B1) Higher Level – High Spirits [Zodiac]

B2) ?


-----Countdown into the New Year-----


B3) ?

B4) DJ Edge - People [Edge]

B5) Gizmo & The Dark Raver – Whoomps!!! [Dwarf – Party Animals]

B6) Conquer - Self Destruction (Carl's Kinetic Mix) [MMR Productions]

B7) Renegade & Static – We’ll Delete The Weak [Demolition Mix) [Evolution – We’ll Delete The Weak EP]

B8) Wedlock - Wedlock [Ruffneck]

B9) ?

B10) OTT – Raw (DJ Paul Mix) [industrial Strength]

>> ?

B11) ?

B12) ?


Lomas B2 is 'Jones & Stephenson - The Second Rebirth - Bonzai'

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Sorry, I updated the tracklist before posting the ids. It should look like this:




A1) Frankfurt Terror Corp – Rock The Bell [Terror Traxx – Steal It & Deal It EP]

A2) Vanugenth The 5th - Pussycat [Ruffneck]

A3) Too Fast For Mellow – Work That Mutha Fucka (Ultimate Forze) [Terror Traxx]

A4) Bass Generator - The Event (Who Gives A Fuck About Stupid Mix Names Anyway? Mix) [bass Generator]

A5) Obsessive - Tune In Turn Out (The Remix) [Master Maximum]

A6) Bass Reaction - Technophobia (G.Y.T.O.F.T.B. Remix) [Terror Traxx]

A7) ?

A8) Bodi Jurni featuring DJ Scorpio - Yellow Boy [semtex]

A9) ?

A10) Lenny Dee & Darrien Kelly - Schoom! [shoop!]

A11) ?

A12) Lockjaw - Underground Funk [Ruffneck]

A13) ?


B1) ?

B2) Dream Your Dream – Belgium Rave [bonzai Jumps]

B3) The Scotchman – Bang The Drums [Dwarf]

B4) Scum – T-error [Terror Traxx]

B5) Paul Elstak – Life Is Like A Dance (DJ Paul’s Mix) [Rotterdam]




B6) Predator – Mind Of A Lunatic [Ruffneck]

B7) Lockjaw - Underground Funk [Ruffneck]

B8) Predator - 1-2-3-4 !!! [Ruffneck]

B9) Juggernaut - Don't Fuck With A Ruffneck [Ruffneck]

B10) Scott Brown meets Paul Elstak - Smoke This M.F. [Forze]

B11) ?


A11 and B11 on that are both Bodylotion - Catastrophe - Terror Traxx.

A7 - Cyclopde - What - KNOR.

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A few more IDs from Discogs forum:

A1) Body Lotion - Catastrophy [Terror Traxx]
A4) Bodylotion - The Rhythm Flows [Terror Traxx]
B3) Sauerkraut - They're Back (Lock The Door & Hide The Key) [Earprotector]
B4) DJ M & Andre - Fuchs, Du Hast Die Gans Gestohlen [Kid]
B6) DJ. Jacques O. - Rave Can Can (Rave This Nation, Exto Rave Mix) [BMG]


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